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LiquidPlanner Review

Simone Johnson
Simone Johnson

Apart from LiquidPlanner’s ability to organize information, this online project management software has a thoughtful analytical system. Through features dedicated to understanding the growth and work ethic of your business, LiquidPlanner helps you understand how to improve as a company. The project management system has several analytical tools that track company trends and information, showing you what your team does well and what it can improve on. For these reasons, we’ve named LiquidPlanner the best online project management software for analyzing overall company data in 2020. LiquidPlanner was previously our best pick for large teams.

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The Verdict

Liquid Planner is our choice as best online project management software for analyzing overall company data because of its comprehensive tracking and reporting options.

LiquidPlanner Pricing

It’s important to know what you’re getting with a project management tool. Besides its two service plans, LiquidPlanner also provides a 14-day free trial that comes with analytic and trend charts, dashboard and project portals, baseline and card views, custom fields, and API access. You generally pay for the whole year when you sign up, and both of the paid plans require you to have at least five users. Here’s a summary of the two plans:


  • Cost: $540 per year
  • Features: Everything in the free trial plus 20 custom fields, 25 virtual members, an onboarding package that helps 10 users adjust to the program, a comment option for tasks, time-tracking tools, a mobile app, phone and email support, internal dashboards, 2,000 active tasks, 10 external dashboards, and built-in integrations like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box
  • Storage: 100GB


  • Cost: Around $828 per year (call for an exact quote)
  • Features: 50 virtual members, unlimited active tasks, unlimited clients, 50 custom fields, unlimited external dashboards, onboarding packages, resource workload and expense reports, and single sign-on in addition to all Professional features
  • Storage: 500GB

LiquidPlanner Features

LiquidPlanner is a great tool for analyzing your company, but it also has organizational and collaborative elements you can use to improve your operations. It helps you understand your team and project management. Its features apply to many different business models, so here’s a breakdown of some of the features that make LiquidPlanner a quality online project management system for small business owners.

Smart schedules: This feature allows the program to keep up with you. As projects or priorities change, the completion dates and deadlines will adjust to those shifts through the entire portfolio. This eliminates the need for backtracking, as the schedules adapt to your plans moving forward.

Resource management: The resource workload report gives you a bird’s-eye view of your team’s assignments, showing you how much they have left to do, when they’re spending time on it, and whether they’re about to miss a deadline. This lets you see when your team members need assistance and who has too much time on their hands.

Cross-project visibility: You can customize and share your dashboard with clients and stakeholders. This layout gives you an instant look at your team’s progress, what’s at risk and budgets for projects. This feature also shows you results that have been reported over time, which gives you a more comprehensive picture of how projects are completed. Cross-project visibility shows you how one project affects the others, because it connects them instead of processing them as separate assignments.

Contextual collaboration: Through the use of mentions, hashtags, and integrations with other software like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, your team members can collaborate on projects that relate to their work. It also helps them communicate in real time, so no one is left out of the loop.

Integrated time and budget tracking: The software offers time tracking, timesheets and expense reports, which allows you to measure the return on your team’s investments, assign costs to reported labor, and make better decisions in the future.

Advanced analytics: LiquidPlanner gives you an in-depth look into the status of your project and portfolio. It measures your project performance, resource utilization, baseline trends, costs and profits, and client portfolios.


It can be difficult to understand a new program yourself, let alone train your entire team on it. To remedy this, LiquidPlanner has an onboarding plan that helps familiarize your team with the program. You can purchase the onboarding service for 10 users or more, depending on whether you choose the Professional or Enterprise plan. This feature helps make the transition seamless.

LiquidPlanner’s email integration tool is a great way to save time and better organize your work and announcements. Instead of sending constant emails about tasks, deadlines and changes, LiquidPlanner creates a space for that communication within the project management software. This saves you time and keeps your data within one domain, which makes information easier for team members to find.

LiquidPlanner is a moving program that accommodates the realities of business. Its intricate system recognizes the connections between projects so that if one assignment is running behind, it automatically delays the status of other assignments related to it.

LiquidPlanner also accommodates your preferred way to digest information. It has several viewing filters so your team members can choose the way they would like to see data. You can view assignments due within the week or month, which allows you prioritize work according to the timeline of your choice. It also helps you create a plan or timeline that works just for you.

LiquidPlanner has key integrations that help it to function smoothly. Box, Google Drive, Okta and Zapier can connect outside information to the project management platform, which reduces the need to open additional programs.

Overall, LiquidPlanner is a smart, intricate system that’s nearly as sensitive to your information and business growth as you are.


LiquidPlanner doesn’t offer many service options, as it only provides two plan choices. This can be restrictive for small business owners. The prices can also be a bit overwhelming for a company or startup in the beginning stages.

Although LiquidPlanner does not require annual contracts exactly, because the program has so many add-ons and features, it makes more sense to pursue a yearly one at a set price opposed to a monthly one, which can round out to be more expensive and doesn’t allow you to cancel service anytime you want like a month-to-month plan would. Although LiquidPlanner does offer monthly options, this default pricing structure combined with only two service options can be very limiting.

The software’s interface is also a bit intimidating, as it can be difficult to navigate or find tools. Its design is rather complex, which is why the onboarding program is such a helpful tool.

Customer Support

When we contacted the company over the phone, the representatives simplified many of the features for us, leaving us with a good understanding of the pricing model and both the basic and complex functions of the program.

The representatives were very polite and patient. They didn’t push us to buy the program; they were more interested in solidifying a relationship with us and helping us comb through any confusion or misunderstandings. They encouraged us to explore LiquidPlanner at our own pace and set follow-up conversations to discuss the program further.

You can contact LiquidPlanner by phone or email. If you’re unable to reach someone at first, call one of the other numbers listed and ask to be transferred over. The LiquidPlanner site also has guides and video tutorials that provide step-by-step lessons on what the program offers and how to use it.

Liquid Planner company logo


The Verdict

Liquid Planner is our choice as best online project management software for analyzing overall company data because of its comprehensive tracking and reporting options.

Simone Johnson
Simone Johnson
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