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Podium Review

Best Online Reputation Management Service for Review Management

A Business News Daily Review

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One of the most important elements of a business's online reputation is its reviews. Customers frequently look at online reviews to form an opinion about companies before doing business with them. Just as positive reviews can bolster your reputation and build consumer confidence in your products and services, negative reviews can do the opposite. It's important for your online reviews to convey the best image, and some reputation management agencies have platforms dedicated to helping you do just that. 

After conducting extensive research and analysis of online reputation management services, we recommend Podium as the best online reputation management service for review management. 

Podium has a comprehensive digital platform that helps businesses acquire and manage online reviews. The Podium software compiles user reviews from several review sites onto one easy-to-manage platform, so you don't have to search every review site manually for mentions of your business. The dashboard hosts a variety of features that can help you acquire new reviews, promote the best ones and quickly respond to negative comments that need your attention. 

We chose Podium out of several online reputation management companies. To learn more about our full methodology and to see a more comprehensive list of online reputation management services, visit our best picks page

Editor's note: Looking for the right online reputation management service for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs. 


Podium understands that each business is unique and requires different review management services, so the company offers customized packages and pricing for each business. To determine the price and package that work best for you, Podium has an industry-specific director analyze your company, your current reputation and your desired results. Keep in mind that other factors, such as the number of locations your business has, will also play a role in pricing. 

When we contacted a Podium representative, they told us that the average cost for a small business is between $350 and $450 per month. However, your monthly rate may differ based on your specific reputation management requirements, so it's important to contact a Podium representative directly to get an estimate. 

New Podium users must commit to an initial 12-month contract that can be paid up front or in monthly installments. After the first year, Podium allows users to switch to a month-to-month agreement. This will give you enough time to use the platform and decide if it is providing your desired results. 

Podium offers a series of review management features that allow businesses to connect with leads, get customer feedback, improve customer service and stand out among the competition. The software centralizes all of your reviews into one location to simplify and streamline the reviews process for your business. Instead of offering additional reputation management services (such as content creation, social media management or press releases), the agency focuses on review acquisition and management to help boost your online image.  

Here are some of Podium's primary features:  

  • Review acquisition and management: The Podium platform offers several ways to modify how you acquire new reviews. You can choose from preset review templates or create your own message to send to users, asking for a review. The platform sends review acquisition text messages to your customers, which they can use to leave reviews directly onto your chosen review sites, such as Google, Yelp or Facebook. This ensures that customers post reviews on the best review sites for your business. The Podium platform lets you set up alerts to be notified when reviews are published, giving you the chance to promptly reply to anything that warrants a response. This can help alleviate negative reviews and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Centralized inbox: The Podium software also compiles all of your online messaging into one location. This enables you to quickly respond to each message a customer sends, regardless of whether they are communicating via Facebook, Google, Instagram, text messages or your website. Having a tool to see all of your messages in one place can help you improve your response time and increase customer satisfaction. You can assign conversations to specific business locations or employees, set access restrictions and filter conversations. You can also set automated responses to customers who try to connect after business hours.

  • Web chat: One of Podium's unique features is its web-chat messaging platform. This feature lets you add a widget to your website for customer questions and inquiries. Instead of using a traditional live-chat option, customers can leave a name and number on the web chat that you can respond to via text. Many consumers' preferred method of communication is text message, and this feature allows you to connect with them when they're not at their computer. 

The Podium software is also available via an iOS or Android mobile app, which lets you send review invitations, manage customer messages, monitor incoming reviews and more. 

Podium's website provides helpful resources for potential users, including reputation management information, customer stories and e-books. If prospective customers have additional questions about Podium, they can contact a representative via text or phone. Most competitors do not offer these text capabilities. 

When we contacted Podium, posing as a business representative looking for review management software, we were very pleased with the level of support we received. The Podium agents were polite and knowledgeable, and our inquiries were answered quickly and clearly. This is a good indicator of the level of support the company offers its clients. 

Podium also provides users with dedicated customer success managers, helping to ensure you get the most benefits from the software. 

Although Podium is our choice for the best reputation management software for review management, it has some limitations. One potential downside of partnering with Podium is the mandatory 12-month contract. Although this may not be a deal breaker for all businesses, many competitors offer month-to-month contracts, which are more desirable for users who aren't ready to make a long-term commitment to a service.

Another potential limitation is Podium's lack of additional reputation management services. Most competitors offer additional strategies to boost your online image, including content creation, social media management and press releases. But if you don't need these additional services, Podium is a great choice for helping you generate and manage reviews.

Ready to choose a reputation management service? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage:

Editor's note: Looking for the right online reputation management service for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs. 

Skye Schooley

Skye Schooley is an Arizona native, based in New York City. After receiving a business communication degree from Arizona State University, she spent nearly three years living in four states and backpacking through 16 countries. During her travels, Skye began her blog, which you can find at www.skyeschooley.com. She finally settled down in the Northeast, writing for business.com and Business News Daily. She primarily contributes articles about business technology and the workplace, and reviews remote PC access software and collection agencies.