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SWOT Analysis Tips and Examples for Your Small Business
By Nicole Fallon | December 27, 2015

Writing a SWOT analysis? Here are some tips (and a sample) from two small business leaders who have successfully written and used one.

35 Inspiring Leadership Quotes
By Nicole Fallon | November 29, 2015

Need some leadership inspiration? Read these motivational quotes on leaders and leadership from famous figures, authors and experts.

6 Questions to Ask Your Business Attorney by Year-End
By Nicole Fallon | November 17, 2015

As you start to prepare your business for the end of the year, make sure you speak with your attorney about these six important issues.

5 Common Behaviors That Hinder Women's Careers
By Nicole Fallon | November 06, 2015

As women strive toward equality in the workplace, these behaviors and mindsets could hinder their career development.

Take Charge: How Women Can Raise Their Leadership Stock
By Chad Brooks | October 28, 2015

When working in group settings, women get more credit for being a leader then men when they exhibit more of a take-charge attitude.

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By Adam Uzialko | October 21, 2015

Business owners and professionals told Business News Daily what their favorite business books of the year are.

8 Style Experts on What They Love (And Hate) About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | September 22, 2015

Considering a job in the fashion and beauty industry? Here's what professionals really think about their jobs.

Time to Grow Up? Taking Your Business to the Next Level
By Nicole Fallon | September 19, 2015

The majority of small business owners view growth as their top priority, according to American Express OPEN. Here's how they plan to accomplish that growth.

7 Social Media Pros oyesn What They Love (and Hate) About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | September 09, 2015

Considering a job in social media? Here's what industry professionals say are the pros and cons of their careers.

7 Health and Fitness Pros on What They Love (and Hate) About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | August 29, 2015

Thinking about a career in the health and fitness industry? Health coaches, trainers and fitness instructors reveal what their jobs are really like.

7 Writers Share What They Love (and Hate) Most About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | August 25, 2015

Wondering what it's like to have a career as a writer? These 7 professionals share what they enjoy and dislike the most about their jobs.

5 Simple Scientific Ways to Be a Better Boss
By Brittney Morgan | August 24, 2015

Want to become a better boss? These research-backed tips can help you engage your employees, reduce turnover and build and lead a better team.

Overcoming the 5 Biggest Obstacles to Innovation
By Nicole Fallon | August 11, 2015

Is your company hitting a roadblock on the path to innovation? Here's how to overcome five major obstacles that could be holding you back.

Gamifying Your Workforce: How to Make Engagement Fun
By Nicole Fallon | August 11, 2015

In an effort to create a more engaged workforce, many companies are starting to gamify their internal processes. Here's why it works and how you can do it.

8 Freelancers on What They Love (and Hate) About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | August 04, 2015

What are the pros and cons of working as a freelancer? Here's what these freelancers love and hate about their jobs.

College Professors Reveal What They Love (and Hate) About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | August 04, 2015

Professors weigh in on what they love about teaching and the pros and cons of their jobs.

8 CEOs Reveal What They Love (And Hate) About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | August 04, 2015

Ever wonder what it's really like to be the CEO? Here's what they love and hate about their jobs.

8 Publicists Reveal What They Love (and Hate) About Their Jobs
By Brittney Morgan | July 31, 2015

PR pros talk about what they do and share the pros and cons of working in public relations.

Want to Fly Solo? 4 Unique Challenges of Sole Proprietorship
By Nicole Fallon | July 23, 2015

Sole proprietors face a unique set of challenges when running a business of one. Here's how to overcome the biggest obstacles of 'solopreneurship.'

Employee Theft On the Rise and Expected to Get Worse
By Chad Brooks | July 17, 2015

Poor pre-employment screening and a decline in supervision are contributing to the rise in employee theft incidents.

5 Amazingly Generous Bosses Who Will Inspire You
By Brittney Morgan | June 06, 2015

Want to be a better boss? Take some inspiration from these incredibly generous employers.

18 Inexpensive Holiday Gifts Your Employees Will Love
By Nicole Fallon | May 01, 2015

A thoughtful gift can keep your staff motivated throughout the holiday season. Here are 18 inexpensive gift ideas for your employees.

Considering Employee Leasing? What You Need to Know About Using a PEO
By Nicole Fallon | May 01, 2015

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a firm that provides businesses with outsourced workers while eliminating the recruitment efforts, taxes and benefits administration associated with...

9 Documents Your Business Should Keep Forever
By Chad Brooks | April 30, 2015

Tempted to clean out the old filing cabinet? Make sure you don't throw these documents away.

The Best CEO In the World Is...
By Chad Brooks | April 28, 2015

The winner may surprise you!

How to Become a Great Leader: 15 Entrepreneurs Weigh In
By Business News Daily Editor | April 28, 2015

How do business people define leadership?

The Test That Reveals If Your Boss is a Jerk
By Business News Daily Editor | April 27, 2015

Humility remains the best policy for leaders.

Should You Ditch That Nightmare Client?
By Nicole Fallon | April 17, 2015

Every service-based business will have to deal with one or two difficult clients. But is it time to drop them completely?

Soft Skills Matter: Can They Be Taught?
By Nicole Fallon | April 10, 2015

Your employee training program might cover the practical skills your staff needs to do their jobs, but it's just as important to improve soft skills like work ethic and a good attitude.

10 'Mad Men' Quotes To Live By at Work
By Brittney Morgan | April 09, 2015

These quotes from the hit AMC show "Mad Men" perfectly sum up what it means to be a great leader in life and in business.