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5 Reasons a Smartwatch is a Good Business Investment
By Brett Nuckles | July 24, 2014

New smartwatches can give you a productivity boost that's at least worth the price of entry.

LLC? S Corp.? Which Business Structure Is Right For You?
By Nicole Fallon | July 22, 2014

Not sure how to legally structure your business? Here are a few tips to help you decide what's best for your company.

Need an Alternative Lender? 3 Things to Consider
By Nicole Fallon | July 22, 2014

Alternative lenders are becoming a popular financing choice for aspiring small business owners. Here's what you need to know about choosing a lender that's right for you.

Managing Cash Flow: 4 Tips for Small Businesses
By Brittney Morgan | July 17, 2014

These four tips will help making managing your business's cash flow much easier.

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Apps for Business
By Brett Nuckles | July 17, 2014

Samsung smartphones and tablets have a new app store.

7 Salary Negotiation Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)
By Brittney Morgan | July 16, 2014

The process of negotiation can be nerve-wracking. Watch out for these common negotiating mistakes before you make your next business deal.

9 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your HR Department
By Chad Brooks | July 14, 2014

To help find the right partner, several experts weighed in on what small businesses should look for in a PEO provider.

How to Use Google Apps for Business
By Brett Nuckles | July 14, 2014

Google Apps for Business is a good all-in one solution for small businesses who don't have much of an IT budget

Subscription-Based Business: Be Engaging, Never Pushy
By Nicole Fallon | July 09, 2014

How do you get customers to pay for a subscription to your service? Be friendly and engaging — never pushy.

Skills Trump Diplomas in the Workplace
By Chad Brooks | July 03, 2014

Even though 82 percent of U.S. college graduates say their level of education has helped their careers, more than 70 percent say specialized training to acquire specific skills is more valuable in...

5 Leadership Blind Spots (and How to Overcome Them)
By Elizabeth Peterson | July 03, 2014

Even the best leaders have flaws. Here's how to identify and correct your own leadership blind spots

How to Choose a Mobile Credit Card Processor
By Sara Angeles | July 03, 2014

Choosing a mobile credit card processor is all about asking the right questions.

Designing a Logo That Brands Your Business
By Chad Brooks | July 03, 2014

To help small businesses, DesignCrowd outlines how a logo's colors, shapes and fonts influence how consumers view a brand.

Pricing Changes Will Hit Smallest E-Commerce Shippers Hardest
By Nicole Fallon | June 30, 2014

FedEx and UPS recently announced increases in their shipping charges. Here's how the price hike will affect e-commerce businesses, and what they can do to stay in the game.

Getting More Customers, Without More Work
By Elizabeth Peterson | June 30, 2014

What time-strapped business owners need is a strategy that lets them attract more customers without logging in more hours at work.

PBX Phone Systems: Which Is Right for Me?
By Chad Brooks | June 28, 2014

Businesses that need multiple lines and extensions can't just plug their phones into a phone jack and start talking. Instead, they rely on private branch exchange (PBX) hardware to keep their phone...

7 Tips for Choosing a Payroll Service
By Brittney Morgan | June 24, 2014

Considering outsourcing your business' payroll? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Business Phone Systems: Landline Versus VoIP
By Chad Brooks | June 24, 2014

With VoIP technology now in play, businesses now have three main options when choosing a phone system: a traditional analog landline system, an on-premise VoIP system or a cloud-based system.

Outsourcing Your Payroll? Avoid These Risks
By Brittney Morgan | June 23, 2014

Outsourcing payroll can help you run your business more efficiently, but small business owners should be aware of the risks that come with it.

Leadership Advice from Tina Fey
By Brittney Morgan | June 18, 2014

'30 Rock' star Tina Fey is more than just a comedienne; she's also a great leader.

Online Payroll Systems Save Time, Money, Fines
By Brittney Morgan | June 17, 2014

For employers who want to avoid issues, implementing an online payroll system seems to be the solution.

5 Reasons to Consider an Online Payroll Service
By Brittney Morgan | June 16, 2014

Many online payroll services can do much more than just churn out your employees' paychecks. Here are five other helpful tasks you can complete with online payroll services.

Is VoIP the New BYOD? Business Phones Systems Change With the Times
By Chad Brooks | June 16, 2014

Today's Voice over Internet Protocol technology is now giving employees the freedom to take and make business calls from anywhere without the need to give them a business-dedicated cell phone.

Would You Use It? Paperless Office Document Management Software
By Sara Angeles | June 13, 2014

Drowning in paperwork? A paperless office can help businesses take control.

4 Free Time-Tracking Tools for Business Owners
By Sara Angeles | June 13, 2014

Time tracking tools help business owners take control of their work day.

Career Advice From Katie Couric
By Brittney Morgan | June 09, 2014

Having made history as the first woman to anchor a weekday evening news program by herself, Katie Couric knows a thing or two about being successful.

9 Things to Look for in a Document Management Solution
By Chad Brooks | June 09, 2014

When searching for a document management solution, businesses should make sure it has what they need to succeed, such as being user-friendly, mobile-friendly and highly secure, experts say.

Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps for iOS
By Brett Nuckles | June 07, 2014

Why wait for great cloud storage on iOS?

QuickBooks Online Redesign: 4 Lessons for Business Owners
By Sara Angeles | June 06, 2014

It's not just consumers who have plenty to learn from the new QuickBooks Online upgrade and redesign.

Internet of Things Is a Security Nightmare for Businesses
By Chad Brooks | June 05, 2014

Growing security threats, greater device management challenges and increased costs for IT management are all concerns small business IT professionals have as Internet of Things (IoT) devices become...