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SPONSORED: Best Business Features of the HP Elite Dragonfly

image for Dekdoyjaidee / Getty Images
Dekdoyjaidee / Getty Images

The HP Elite Dragonfly is the right laptop for business professionals who want a machine with a distinct design, light build and powerful performance to handle all the critical tasks that need to get done throughout the day. 

With a starting weight of less than 1 kilogram, the HP Elite Dragonfly is the ideal business convertible to take anywhere your productivity requires. It also breaks the mold of what to expect in the design of a business-focused laptop. The HP Elite Dragonfly is ready to impress with diamond-cut accents, a distinct color scheme, and the power and security features that business and enterprise users demand. 

The HP Elite Dragonfly sports an iridescent dragonfly-blue design, with a next-generation magnesium chassis. The 1,000-nit ultrabright display is crisp and delivers excellent visuals for work or streaming a program to unwind. You get all this in a package that won't be a hassle to add to your bag for the next conference or other trip away from the office.

The right laptop lets you get work done the way you want. The Dragonfly enables this with a touchscreen and the HP Rechargeable Active Pen G3. The pen is built for natural note-taking, writing, drawing and interacting with apps on screen. It has a built-in magnetic attachment capability to make it easier to keep track of. 

The HP Elite Dragonfly can be converted to four working modes to suit tasks throughout the workday. Use the flexible chassis to flip the keyboard over 360 degrees and use the Elite Dragonfly as a tablet. As it's a Windows 10 device, you can interact with the OS by touch, or you can use the Active Pen G3 to make handwritten notes on a document or illustrations within a design application. 

Need to share content for a client to interact with? Set it upright with the tent mode. Present a video or watch one yourself with media mode. And, of course, it also performs as a traditional laptop. 

When you're typing, the ultra-quiet keyboard won't disturb co-workers or anyone you sit by. It's also backlit for use in low light. The glass Precision touchpad is responsive and large enough for you to use the Windows 10 multitouch gestures. The immersive screen boasts the highest screen-to-body ratio in a 13-inch business convertible. Model options include a 13.3-inch Full High-Definition (FHD) IPS touchscreen, a 4K HDR 400 touchscreen, and an FHD touchscreen with the HP Sure View integrated privacy filter, which helps you protect any proprietary company information while working away from the office. 

Other hardware features are built specifically with the day-to-day needs of the business user in mind. The Dragonfly includes an IR camera that works with Windows Hello facial recognition. There's no need to worry about privacy, as you can just close the camera shutter when it's not in use. If you prefer fingerprint authentication, take advantage of the built-in fingerprint reader underneath the arrow keys.

Privacy features are built in throughout the laptop. An integrated privacy screen with HP Sure View can help keep any prying eyes from observing the details of what you're working on. 

Traditional antivirus software can't always recognize the latest attacks that surface in a world of ongoing new threats. HP Sure Sense taps into the power of deep-learning AI to identify and quarantine attacks that haven't been seen before, helping to stop intrusions before they occur. 

HP Sure Click's hardware-enforced security protects the device from websites and attachments with malware, ransomware or viruses. With HP Sure Start Gen5, your HP Elite Dragonfly includes a self-healing BIOS that restores a system to a previous safe state if it has been corrupted by a firmware attack. 

HP Sure Run Gen2 works to keep those essential protections like antivirus scanning up and running. This further defends your PC by pushing back against attackers' attempts to take down the machine's full defenses. 

Another key aspect of hardware security is rapid image creation and management of hardware, BIOS, and security via the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. The HP Manageability Integration Kit achieves this with a comprehensive portfolio that reduces the cost and complexity of managing a fleet of PCs that require client management software. 

An optional feature, HP Sure Recover with Embedded Reimaging Gen2, ensures fast, secure and automated recovery of the machine from anywhere. With malware threatening major disruptions to day-to-day business, this service can get you back up and running quickly. 

In total, these security features are part of the commitment to provide the best hardware and software experience for maximum productivity and to reduce the risk of security threats derailing your work.

The HP Elite Dragonfly offers several connectivity options, such as gigabit-class 4G LTE 4 and Wi-Fi 64. It's the world's first business convertible with 4x4 LTE antennas to deliver maximum connectivity, giving you the freedom to work beyond where Wi-Fi is available.  

Great sound can also enhance the experience. The Dragonfly's audio system is built in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, so video conferences are clear. So is the music to help you focus during a long workday. HP Noise Cancellation, four top-firing speakers and four discrete amps work together to create immersive sound. 

Successful mobile work also requires solid battery life. The HP Elite Dragonfly features the world's longest battery life for a 13-inch business convertible. Battery options include a 2-cell, 38-WHr Long-Life Battery and a 4-cell, 56-WHr Long-Life Battery. Additionally, 30 minutes of charging when the system is off or in standby mode can generate 50% power to the machine. 

The Dragonfly includes two USB-C connections with Thunderbolt 3, a full-sized HDMI, one USB-A port and a headphone jack. For those who want to maximize their productivity in the office, the HP Elite Dragonfly can be paired with the stunning HP S430c Curved Ultrawide Monitor, which offers a 43.4-inch diagonal curved display – the equivalent of dual 24-inch diagonal displays. 

Reviews of the HP Elite Dragonfly call out its stunning design and powerful performance. Here are samples of what several tech journalists have had to say about the HP Elite Dragonfly: 

"The Dragonfly proves that corporate business machines don't have to be boring and soulless. In fact, they can be more desirable than their consumer-focused counterparts." Dan Seifert, The Verge 

"I can't believe this is a business laptop." Sherri L. Smith, Laptop Mag 

"The HP Dragonfly's crisp, beautiful display; lightweight design; and robust security features combine to give you a laptop that's as nice to look at as it is to use." Henry T. Casey, Tom's Guide

The HP Elite Dragonfly is the world's first business convertible with preinstalled personal wellbeing software. HP WorkWell is built to help you take a break, stretch, and better manage the amount of time you spend working at your machine with the goal of healthier work-life balance. 

View the configuration options, which include an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and a 256GB SSD, with a three-year limited warranty. No matter the specific configuration, the HP Elite Dragonfly will serve you well for many years as a premium laptop built for today's businessperson's needs.

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