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What You Need to Know About Refurbished Technology
By Matt D'Angelo | October 18, 2017

It's not shiny and new, but refurbished technology, such as phones and laptops, could be good for your business and save you money. Read more.

Antivirus vs. Antimalware: What's the Difference?
By Andreas Rivera | October 16, 2017

Protecting your company's and clients' data starts with understanding the basics of the threats it faces.

Employee Retention: 4 Ways to Keep Your Best Team Members
By Jennifer Post | October 11, 2017

Hourly workers can be especially difficult to retain. Here are a few key ways you can keep your best team members around.

How to Use Your Laptop as a Desktop Computer
By Brett Nuckles | October 10, 2017

With the right accessories, your laptop can become a capable desktop computer.

How to Use PowerPoint: Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
By Matt D'Angelo | October 10, 2017

With a little technical know-how, you can quickly improve on a boring and basic PowerPoint presentation. Here are five quick fixes.

Lenovo ThinkPad 25 Limited Edition Laptop: Is It Worth It?
By Mona Bushnell | October 10, 2017

Should businesses give the Lenovo ThinkPad 25 a try?

The Pros and Cons of Virtualization
By Andreas Rivera | October 02, 2017

What you should know before virtualizing your workstations and servers.

6 Steps for Learning How to Recruit the Best Talent
By Nicole Fallon | September 28, 2017

Today's recruiters have numerous ways to identify, attract and reach out to top talent. Here's how to recruit the best employees.

Adobe Spark Tutorial for Marketing Your Brand
By Jackie Dove | September 28, 2017

Adobe Spark tools may make it easier for non-designers to better tell the story of their company.

By Adam Uzialko | September 21, 2017

BambooHR is a great option for a stand-alone performance management system because of its open API, which allows it to integrate with a variety of other human capital management software suites and...

By Adam Uzialko | September 21, 2017

For midsize and large companies, a versatile human capital management is a must UltiPro's performance management module and associated software deliver effective tools for managing your most valuable...

Halogen TalentSpace
By Adam Uzialko | September 21, 2017

Halogen TalentSpace is our best pick for performance management systems for small businesses for its high degree of customization, easily navigated user interface, and the other effective talent...

Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 8: Which Is Better for Business?
By Mona Bushnell | September 21, 2017

Make an informed choice between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Apple iPhone 8 with help from our faceoff guide.

Creating Content? Write Specifically for Your Target Customer
By Katharine Paljug | September 13, 2017

For your content marketing strategy to be effective, make sure you're creating posts specifically for your target audience. Here's how to do it.

Artificial Insurance? How Machine Learning is Transforming Underwriting
By Adam Uzialko | September 12, 2017

Artificial intelligence is making the insurance industry smarter and faster. Here's how machine learning is changing the underwriting process.

AT&T Expert: Mobility Strategies Key to Small Business Success
By Pamela Oldham | September 08, 2017

An industry expert explains why smartphones and tablets are no longer luxuries for small and medium-size businesses.

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Online Printing
By Joanna Furlong | September 08, 2017

The benefits and what to watch out for when it comes to online printing for business uses.

12 Tips to Boost Your Smartphone's Battery Life
By Jackie Dove | September 07, 2017

Follow these tips and tricks to conserve energy as you go about your day, without having to tote around an extra battery pack.

10 Tips to Improve Your Laptop's Battery Life
By Jackie Dove | September 07, 2017

Suck every last drop of battery out of your work laptop by following these 10 simple tips and tricks.

How to Share a Presentation from an Android Phone
By Mona Bushnell | September 06, 2017

Why lug around a bulky laptop computer when you can present directly from your Android smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S8: Best Business Features
By Anna Attkisson | September 06, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like it will be the business smartphone you’ve always dreamed of.

Negative Customer Review? Turn It Into a Positive Opportunity
By Nicole Fallon | August 30, 2017

Negative customer reviews don't necessarily have to hurt your company if you handle them correctly. Here's how to turn a bad review into a branding opportunity.

DIY Social: 7 Steps to Creating Your Social Media Strategy
By Adryan Corcione | August 26, 2017

As a small brand, you may not have the budget for a big social media marketing team. Here are a few ways to create a strong DIY social media strategy.

5 Top Presentation Apps for Android
By Anna Attkisson | August 25, 2017

With the right Android apps, you can give a successful presentation every time.

Customer Loyalty Programs: A Must-Have Retention Strategy
By Jennifer Post | August 19, 2017

Small businesses are increasingly using customer rewards and loyalty programs as a retention strategy. Here are options for capitalizing on this popular trend.

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad for a Presentation
By Mona Bushnell | August 16, 2017

Why lug around a heavy laptop when you can present directly from your iPhone or iPad?

How to Choose a DIY Mobile App Maker
By Sara Angeles | August 10, 2017

What to look for in a DIY mobile app maker for your business.

By Adam Uzialko | August 04, 2017

Pardot is powerful enterprise-level marketing automation software with a nimbleness and adaptability that makes it suitable for virtually any company in any industry.

Does My Restaurant Need to Offer Mobile Ordering to Get Ahead?
By Lori Fairbanks | August 03, 2017

Mobile ordering is a popular option at big-name eateries like Starbucks and Five Guys. Does your small restaurant need to offer this service to be competitive?

Oracle Eloqua
By Adam Uzialko | July 31, 2017

Looking for a marketing automation platform for enterprise? We review the best of the best here.