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Entrepreneurship Takes a Mental Toll: Here's How to Cope
By Sammi Caramela | May 18, 2018

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we interviewed entrepreneurs about their emotional struggles that prove you are not alone.

Starting a Business After College? Advice for Entrepreneurial Grads
By Paula Fernandes | May 14, 2018

Entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for college graduates. Here's how to launch a business as a fresh post-grad.

Starting Over: How to Move on When Your Business Fails
By Paula Fernandes | April 19, 2018

About 20 percent of small businesses won't make it past the first year. But failure doesn't have to end your story.

4 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business with a Spouse
By Sammi Caramela | March 22, 2018

Think you can handle running a business with your significant other? Be certain that you're both on the same page before you start the process of entrepreneurship together.

Small Business Snapshot: Bonding Bees
By Nicole Fallon | January 16, 2018

Kayla Pickana started Bonding Bees to help couples connect with each other in the comfort of their homes. She explains her "date night" box subscription business.

How We Went from Kickstarter to a Full-Fledged Company
By Sammi Caramela | December 29, 2017

Eric Shashoua's company, Kiwi for Gmail, started out as a Kickstarter campaign. Here's what he's learned about crowdfunding and raising capital for a growing business.

Valuing Family as the Root of Business
By Sammi Caramela | December 09, 2017

Randy Simon's father Freddy always wanted to open a burger restaurant, but never got the chance while he was raising six children and working full-time. Years later, Randy helped make his father's...

The Growth of the Gig Economy: A Look at American Freelancers
By Nicole Fallon | December 07, 2017

Gig work continues to grow rapidly as more Americans choose contract-based assignments over full-time employment. Here's where the gig economy stands today.

Family: The Key Ingredient to Success at Our Coffee Franchise
By Sammi Caramela | October 21, 2017

Todd Graeve learned from his parents early on that family matters most. He's taken that philosophy into his business, Scooter's Coffee. Here's his story.

Tragedy to Triumph: 7 Entrepreneurs Who Beat the Odds
By Nicole Fallon | August 24, 2017

Starting a business is hard enough on its own. These entrepreneurs triumphed over challenging personal circumstances and found business success.

Worker-Owned: A Guide to Starting and Running a Workers' Cooperative
By Adam Uzialko | July 31, 2017

The workers' cooperative model empowers worker-owners to influence business decisions and receive more equitable pay. Here's how to start and run one.

Stepping Up: How This Mother-Daughter Business Duo is Caring for their Future
By Nicole Fallon | July 29, 2017

When Donna Rea's husband/business partner lost his battle with cancer, their daughter Nicole stepped up to co-own their Caring Transitions franchise with her mother. Here's how they make it work.

Small Business Snapshot: 4505 Meats
By Nicole Fallon | July 28, 2017

Ryan Farr founded 4505 Meats to change the way consumers buy and eat meat. He shares the story behind his business.

The 10 Best (and Worst) States for Starting a Business
By Chad Brooks | July 06, 2017

A new study by WalletHub ranks the best and worst states to start a business in. See the top and bottom 10 states.

Luxury Cannabis Dispensaries Are Shedding the Industry Stigma
By Adam Uzialko | July 05, 2017

Far from being cold and impersonal, today's dispensaries are adding a high-class, personal touch to customers seeking out medicinal cannabis for a range of health conditions. Read more.

Meet Measure, the Pioneers of Drones as a Service
By Adam Uzialko | June 29, 2017

Measure is pioneering the drones as a service space, which is making UAVs more accessible to companies that are hesitant to maintain their own fleet.

4 Big Challenges Today's Self-Employed Professionals Face
By Sammi Caramela | June 07, 2017

Most self-employed professionals don't plan to return to the corporate world, but their path isn't without challenges. Here's how to tackle four big obstacles.

Beyond Passion: The Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
By Chad Brooks | May 15, 2017

Successful small business owners learn from their mistakes, invest in technology, make time for their families and friends, and build relationships with mentors.

Small Business Snapshot: Kenway Consulting
By Nicole Fallon | April 19, 2017

Brian King, president and CEO of Kenway Consulting, shares the story behind his Chicago-based socially responsible consulting business.

The 10 Best States for Women Entrepreneurs
By Chad Brooks | April 11, 2017

Find out what ranked as the best states for female business owners in a study by Fundera.

Small Business Snapshot: MyClean
By Nicole Fallon | April 07, 2017

MyClean is an online platform that allows users to book professional maid cleaning services in Chicago and New York City. CEO Michael Scharf shares the story behind it

Small Business Snapshot: Soul Purpose Designs
By Nicole Fallon | March 31, 2017

The story behind Soul Purpose Designs, an apparel and shoe company that creates and manufactures "wearable art."

Small Business Snapshot: Mikey's
By Nicole Fallon | March 29, 2017

Entrepreneur Michael Tierney shares the story behind Mikey's, a frozen foods company making gluten-free, non-GMO and paleo alternatives to traditional bakery items.

Small Business Snapshot: Tommy's Superfoods
By Jennifer Post | March 22, 2017

Tom Williams, co-founder and COO of Tommy's Superfoods, shares the story of how his business is redefining consumers' preconceptions about frozen foods.

The State of Small Business: District of Columbia
By Ryan Fallon | March 04, 2017

What's it like to be a small business owner in the District of Columbia? Business News Daily asked several Washington, D.C. entrepreneurs.

Networking for Entrepreneurs: 7 Ways to Make a Connection
By Nicole Fallon | February 08, 2017

Networking is an incredibly powerful business growth tool. Here's how to leverage your professional contacts to grow your startup.

The State of Small Business: Utah
By Adam Uzialko | January 25, 2017

What is it like doing business in Utah? Business News Daily interviewed small business owners, lenders and development organizations to find out.

The State of Small Business: New Hampshire
By Adam Uzialko | January 12, 2017

What's it like doing business in New Hampshire? Business News Daily interviewed small business owners, lenders and development organizations to find out.

Small Business Snapshot: Man Crates
By Nicole Fallon | December 21, 2016

Jon Beekman, CEO and founder of Man Crates, shares the story behind his e-commerce business, which sells unique, curated gifts for men.

Small Business Snapshot: Rebel Kitchen
By Nicole Fallon | December 02, 2016

Tamara Arbib, co-founder of Rebel Kitchen, shares the story behind her healthy, organic food brand.