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Concur Review

A Business News Daily Review

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Concur is a familiar name among business expense trackers and reimbursement solutions. In addition to a strong online presence, Concur offers several mobile solutions to help your business run smoothly. This includes the Concur business expense management app that allows you to quickly and easily track expenses and miles while you're on the road.

You can use the app by itself or pay a monthly subscription fee for Concur's online solution and link the mobile app to it. This allows you to automatically transfer data stored on your mobile device to the web account, giving you added security and peace of mind that information is saved in multiple places when it is tax time.

Concur includes most of the basic tools that expense trackers provide, such as custom reports and expense categories, in addition to some more advanced tracking features. One feature this app includes is photo receipts. Using your own device's camera, you snap a pic of your receipt, invoice or business card and attach it to your expense record.

You have to manually enter in all the information since Concur doesn't have optical character recognition (OCR) intelligent scanning, but it is helpful to have a picture of your receipt so you don't have to worry about it being lost. Another Concur app is ExpenseIt, which does offer OCR scanning. If you choose to have an online web account, these images can be uploaded and saved there, too.

One good feature Concur shares with other apps is the ability to export information to Excel. From Excel, you can save data into other formats that are then compatible with accounting software and payroll services. Some of these formats are also available through the online web account if you purchase this option.

You can also track your miles, though you have to manually enter this information since Concur doesn't use GPS tracking. Concur gives you the flexibility to book your travel necessities, such as rental cars and hotel rooms, directly from the app.

It doesn't directly integrate with other business programs, such as Outlook, but it does provide a way for you to link to other apps. These include financial apps and GPS-tracking applications, allowing you to share information to ensure you have the data you need saved in one central place come tax time.

Concur has the standard support options we looked for in an expense tracking apps: phone and email support, FAQs and comprehensive training. In our experience, it took some time before personnel responded to our email inquiries. There are several great video tutorials you can watch if you need help. Additional support is available if you subscribe to the Concur web account.

Concur is a great addition to your business toolset that can help you track business expenses and miles while you are traveling. The mobile account costs extra, but it provides you with a backup of your information so it isn't easily lost. You can use your mobile device to snap photos of your receipts and attach them to your expense report. You must input information manually, but having a digital copy of your receipt is still helpful.