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Zoho Projects Review

Simone R. Johnson
Simone R. Johnson

Zoho Projects is our choice as the best overall project management software application.  Zoho comes with many integration tools that keep project operations in one place. Its collaboration tools and task-management features are ideal for remote workers, and its integration options make it perfect for a team with complex digital workflows. Zoho Projects was previously our best pick for remote teams. 

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Best Online Project Management Software

The Verdict

Zoho Projects is our choice as best overall project management system because it allows users to organize and manage their team's assignments through easy-to-use features.

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Zoho Projects Pricing

Zoho Projects is available in five service plans that differ in price, included features and how many users can access the software. All of the service plans are available on a month-to-month basis. No long-term contracts are required, and you can cancel at any time. Here is a breakdown of each plan.


  • Cost: $0

  • Number of Users: Up to five

  • Features: It includes email ticketing, customer management, a help center, mobile app and 24-hour weekday support

  • Storage: 10MB

  • Project Templates: Like most free software plans, Zoho Projects is limited in the features it provides, but it gives you a gist of what the other software tiers offer. We don't recommend using the Free plan long-term or as a permanent solution


  • Cost: $18 per month

  • Number of users: Up to six users; each additional user up to 10 users is $3 each

  • Features: In addition to the features in Zoho's Free plan, Standard plan subscribers get Zoho's chart and report features, an advanced task list and subtasks, project time Gantt systems, time-tracking software, and issue trackers that examine export issues

  • Storage: 5GB of storage and up to 10 projects

  • Project templates: Five


  • Cost: $50 per month

  • Number of users: Up to 15 users; each additional user is $4 each

  • Features: Express includes everything in the Standard plan plus editable Gantt charts, timesheet approval options, issue-tracker notifications, and invoice and expense notifications. You can also export projects

  • Storage: 20GB and unlimited projects

  • Project templates: 10


  • Cost: $100 per month

  • Number of users: Up to 20 users; each additional user is $5 each

  • Features: In addition to the features in Zoho's Express plan, subscribers can host unlimited projects, the ability to create task layouts, and access to relevant integrations like Dropbox and Zoho Analytics

  • Storage: 100GB and unlimited projects

  • Project templates: 20


  • Cost: $150 per month

  • Number of users: Up to 25 users; each additional user is $6 each

  • Features: Enterprise subscribers get everything in the Premium plan plus access to all charts and reports, core features, issue trackers and integrations

  • Storage: 120GB and unlimited projects

  • Project templates: 30 

Zoho Projects Features 

Besides tracking the progress of projects and all of the related tasks, Zoho Projects has some smart, convenient features (like its timesheet tool) that add a lot of value for businesses.

Here are some of the features we think small businesses will find especially useful. 

  • Task automation: Zoho Projects allows you to visually see your workflow and follow-up processes. Through a drag-and-drop feature, you can chart your work. You can assign tasks to team members by tagging them in assignments. You don't need to send separate, follow-up emails, because automated email notifications are sent to staff members according to deadlines.  
  • Task management: This feature helps you track progress once a project starts. You can assign to-dos to employees, set due dates, prioritize assignments and set reminders. Milestones are a cool, fun feature, as it allows you and your team to understand where they should be regarding their work. The Kanban system helps project managers visualize how much of a task (expressed as a percentage) is completed. Managers can designate tasks, milestones, and issues on the project calendar, as well as schedule events and meetings. This gives everyone a complete view of the company's schedule and what still needs to be done. 
  • Time tracking: Zoho's timesheets feature can be used to bill clients, track the team's pace and monitor the amount of time your team spends on work. You determine billable and nonbillable hours, and with a few clicks, the Zoho Invoice integration tool transforms timesheets into invoices for clients. 
  • Social project management: Much like social media platforms, team members can post comments, chat through an instant message feature, use @ to mention people by name and have discussions or forums about various projects. Each user has a profile page that streams all their project activities.  
  • Charts and reports: Using Gantt charts, you can track projects, make edits to plans or compare projects. Zoho's resource utilization chart displays the workload of each employee so managers can avoid overloading certain employees and distribute work fairly among team members.  
  • Project administration: This feature allows you to create a template according to your company or project needs. Zoho has a gamification feature that rewards team members with cute digital badges and trophies when they reach their goals. 
  • Issue tracking: This feature helps manage workflow by documenting, monitoring and addressing issues as they arise. It helps you identify bug tracking, track issues, and monitor your progress.


In addition to its multiple service plans and feature set, there are a number of other benefits to Zoho. The company has created an interface that will feel familiar to users; it feels very much like a social media platform. Users can tag or @ people in projects, post comments, and your profile is a stream of information that pertains to your workload. It has discussion forums that are similar to Facebook's model. Zoho Project's design builds on people's ease and familiarity with social media, which, in turn, creates an easier onboarding process with the software. 

When tracking projects, Zoho's visual displays of information and Gantt charts help map assignments in detail for your team. As changes are made, the chart is updated, which keeps everyone on the same page. It eliminates confusion by providing a very clear representation of the activity within your team and your current progress. 

Zoho has a mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. You can upload documents and files from your phones, as well as add tasks and stay up to date with your projects wherever you are. 

Another positive is the timesheet record, which helps you track how much time you spend on a project. You can accurately – and easily – clock hours spent on a project, so your invoices are accurate, and your time is appropriately budgeted. 


Zoho is the best overall project management tool for a reason, so its limitations are, well, limited. The scope of Zoho Projects, in terms of its features and navigating the program, can be intimidating, and it takes a little getting used to in the beginning. However, most programs do, and Zoho succeeds at creating a familiar, easy-to-use interface and system that doesn't involve a steep learning curve.  

Part of what makes Zoho excel is the different task options it offers. It can be challenging locating the particular task you need. The result is that some users may feel like certain features are missing when, in fact, they are harder to find.

Customer Support

As part of our evaluation of Zoho, we contacted the company, posing as a small business owner interested in online project management software. We corresponded with representatives by email, which was followed by a phone call with one of their reps. 

The Zoho representative asked us pertinent questions about our business, including what our ideal project management system would look like. We watched Zoho's online demo, and the representative we spoke with on the phone gave us an overview of the software as well. At the end of the call, we had a very clear understanding of how Zoho worked and what it offered. At no time did we feel pressured into buying the software. 

Zoho provides several help resources for users. The user guide provides clear instructions on using Zoho Project features, and instructions are supplemented with screenshots, so it's easy to follow along. Other valuable resources on the Zoho website include a knowledgebase, tutorials and videos. You can also reach the company by phone and email. 

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Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Best Online Project Management Software

The Verdict

Zoho Projects is our choice as best overall project management system because it allows users to organize and manage their team's assignments through easy-to-use features.

Simone R. Johnson
Simone R. Johnson,
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