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Wrike Review

Simone R. Johnson
Simone R. Johnson

Many online project management tools integrate with just about any app you can think of. However, Wrike proves that it's not about the number of integrations but the quality of those integrations. Wrike's inclusion of classic office integrations, human resource and sales apps makes it ideal for a variety of businesses looking for a one-stop-shop program. By including a range of industries with its integration tools, Wrike is our choice as the best online project management software for digital workflow. Wrike was previously our best pick for free online project management software. 



The Verdict

Wrike is our choice as best online project management system for digital workflow because it offers popular integrations and team communication tools that make it easy to perform multiple tasks.

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Wrike Pricing 

Online project management tools can be pricey, but, thankfully, Wrike offers five service plans – and add-on features – to choose from. Each service plan is based on month-to-month pricing, with different features and limits on the number of users. Long-term contracts are not required; annual options are available, and you can cancel at any time. Wrike offers a 14-day free trial so you can test-drive the application before deciding if you want to invest in it or not. 

Here's more about each of Wrike's plans:


  • Cost: $0

  • Number of Users: The free plan supports up to five individuals

  • Features: Wrike's free plan includes board view, which presents tasks in columns. You can prioritize tasks in columns or drag to-dos between columns to change the status and priority of assignments. File-sharing and real-time activity streams display documents and updates. Forums let your team have group discussions, and the look is similar to a Facebook feed. It also offers mobile app options and basic integrations like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, MSFT Office 365 and OneDrive

  • Storage: 2GB 


  • Cost: $9.80 per month

  • Number of users: You can have up to 15 users

  • Features: The Professional plan comes with everything in the free version. It also offers task and subtask management, which allows you to condense big projects into small, actionable goals. It also includes Gantt charts, advanced integrations like Excel and RSS, shareable dashboards, collaboration features and 15GB of video uploads per month

  • Storage: 5GB of storage 


  • Cost: $24.80 per month

  • Number of users: Up to 200

  • Features: The Business plan includes everything in the Professional plan plus customizable fields and workflow options, the ability to track updates related to your work, real-time reports, report templates, graphical analytics, calendars, request forms, project and task approvals, time-tracking options, user groups, permission features, Salesforce integrations, and the ability to brand the workspace as your own by replacing Wrike's logo with your own

  • Storage: 50GB  

Wrike for Marketing and Wrike for Professional Services are variations of the business and professional versions. Their prices vary as both plans offer a range of add-on features businesses can choose from. Wrike Marketing comes with Wrike Proof, a feedback feature that displays images, video and content for stakeholders or clients. Wrike has an extension of the Adobe Creative Cloud Access feature so you have a digital workspace in which you can collaborate with teammates. Wrike for Professional Services also has Adobe features, and Wrike Resource lets you manage your team's workload using the app's time-tracking tools.  


  • Cost: $100 per month

  • Number of users: Up to 20 users. Each additional user is $5 for each

  • Features: Includes everything in the business and professional plan, along with active directory integration and SAML 2.0 single sign-on. For security, two-factor authentication is available, along with password policies and IT-controlled admin permissions. User audit reports, network access, compliance policies, lockdown access to Wrike, business intelligence integration and advanced user access controls are also included.

  • Storage: 100GB  

Wrike Features 

Although Wrike's integration features are the nucleus of the software app, there is so much more Wrike offers to small businesses. Here are some of Wrike's features we believe small business owners will find helpful. 

  • Simple project planning: Through Gantt charts and its customizable features, you can prioritize, schedule and assign tasks to your team efficiently. Request forms help your team understand every detail of a project before they begin. This feature also identifies scheduling conflicts, lets you reschedule assignments and design a workflow for your team. 

  • Resource processing: Instead of sifting through emails, Wrike provides a comprehensive visual of your team's progress. This feature helps you see the current workload of team members, and you can make assignments accordingly. Wrike gives you several ways to organize and structure your information and assignments.  

  • Collaboration: This feature helps your team stay on the same page through real-time updates. Wrike conveys project data through comment and mention features, similar to social media features. 
  • Project visibility: Wrike's dashboard gives you a clear view of your assignments and what is required to complete them. You can analyze team members' progress as well. 


There's a lot to like about Wrike. The Gantt chart displays the progress of your team. The clear visual representation of your employees' workload helps you distribute assignments fairly. 

Wrike also offers keys integrations, like Salesforce and financial reporting apps like QuickBooks, so you can keep all of your business dealings in one convenient place. 

Another benefit of Wrike is how flexible and customizable its dashboard is. You can create an interface that suits the needs of your team. 

One particularly nice feature is Wrike's built-in chat service that instantly connects you with Wrike representatives who answer your questions quickly. 

Finally, Wrike's five service plans offer small business owners a project management solution that can fit nearly any business's budget. 


The learning curve for Wrike can be steep. Although Wrike has multiple ways to display information, sometimes the layout makes it difficult to find what you're looking for. Interestingly, Wrike lacks visuals icons or indicators on its tools, which adds to the confusion of locating certain features. Adding visuals would be one way to fix some of the confusion that comes with using the program. Thankfully, though, Wrike's help resources compensate, and you can quickly find an answer to your questions.

Although project management tools are supposed to eliminate the headache of organizing projects through email, Wrike's task function, unfortunately, isn't better. Everything is included in the task section, and it's difficult to break up files, comments and other data from one another. Issues like these sometimes make the program seem cluttered, like a neglected inbox. 

Customer Support 

We contacted Wrike posing as a small business owner interested in online project management software. Not only did Wrike send a follow-up after the call, but they suggested and scheduled a second meeting for a demo session with one of their representatives. During our follow-up call, the representative asked us several thought-provoking questions, including what industry we were in, what solution we were using and what we wanted to get out of Wrike. 

The representative we spoke with was very patient, polite and seemed genuinely interested in showing us what Wrike had to offer according to our interests. There was no pressure to buy the software. The representative provided a lot of information and gave a straightforward walkthrough of the program. After the phone call, we had a very clear understanding of how Wrike's basic functions. 

Wrike offers webinars and a help center to guide you through its program. You can contact the company by phone, email or filling out a contact form on their website. 

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The Verdict

Wrike is our choice as best online project management system for digital workflow because it offers popular integrations and team communication tools that make it easy to perform multiple tasks.

Simone R. Johnson
Simone R. Johnson
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