Firefox Add-ons

Credit: Shutterstock_tanuha2001
The browser wars are far from over. People have lots of opinions about Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox, just to name a few. But for those who are big fans of the fox, it really is a versatile browser that can help you be more productive. That is, if you know a few simple tricks. Firefox add-ons – plugins and extensions that enhance the browser's functionalities – can help you save time, procrastinate less and keep your browsing secure.

Here are seven essential Firefox extensions for businesses.


firefox add-ons, leechblock
If you can't stop yourself from browsing the web, LeechBlock will do it for you. This add-on blocks time-wasting sites so you can get things done. Just specify which sites to block and when to block them. For instance, you can set LeechBlock up so you can't access Reddit between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. Or it can put time limits on blocks, where it will stop you from loading a specific site for 10 minutes every hour. You can also create a password as an extra obstacle – and as a reminder to stop procrastinating.

Tab Mix Plus

firefox add-ons, Tab Mix Plus
Tab Mix Plus gives you full control and customization over your tabs. You can completely modify Firefox tabs to suit your preferences. For example, you can dictate what happens when you click on a tab, where clicked links open and other events. Other features include the ability to duplicate, rename and lock tabs. It can also close similar tabs to save you time and keep your browser organized.


firefox add-ons, LastPass
As a business owner, you have a lot of passwords to remember. LastPass is a popular password-management system that remembers all your passwords for you and lets you sign in to websites with just one click. The LastPass Firefox add-on also syncs your passwords across your devices, including mobile phones.

HTTPS Everywhere

firefox add-ons, HTTPS Everywhere
Sadly, not everyone encrypts their websites with the more secure HTTPS protocol. But you can force the issue with the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extension. It automatically adds the HTTPS prefix to websites, where supported. Whether you forget to add HTTPS when you type in the website URL, click on a link or forget to double-check, HTTPS Everywhere can help keep your credentials and sensitive data secure.

OneNote Web Clipper

firefox add-ons, OneNote Web Clipper
OneNote Web Clipper makes it easy to save web pages to Microsoft OneNote. You can capture entire webpages or reduce clutter by saving parts of an article or just the tidbits of information you need. Once clipped to OneNote, you can edit, annotate and share the note to team members, colleagues and clients. You can also save the note individually as part of a project or grouped with similar notes. OneNote Web Clipper also makes it easy to jot down quick thoughts on the page you saved and then come back to it when you need it.


firefox add-ons, disconnect
Sites that track your search and browsing history aren't just a matter of privacy – these monitoring practices can also waste your time by slowing down your browser. Disconnect blocks third-party sites, ad trackers, social widgets and other tracking tools from seeing what you're doing online. The company also claims that once tracking stops, you'll experience a better browsing experience that's up to 44 percent faster.


firefox add-ons, Lazarus
If you've ever had a website crash on you while filling out a long form, you know that dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Lazarus aims to prevent this from happening by bringing that text back from the dead. It saves text automatically as you type information into websites, saving you time from having to re-enter everything. The extension runs unobtrusively in the background, and you can instantly recover the data by right-clicking on the form. Lazarus also works if it's the browser or your computer that crashes or loses its connection.