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Small Business Snapshot: MyClean

Michael Scharf, CEO of MyClean

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Michael Scharf, CEO of MyClean, explains how this image represents his business.

MyClean is a cleaning company that provides an online platform to conveniently book professional maid cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces under 60 seconds. Servicing Chicago and New York City, the company's user-friendly website provides an instant price quote, availability calendar, eco-friendly products and instantly accepts online payments to confirm bookings.

Before founding MyClean, I worked in the financial sector for six years and found it difficult to clean my apartment consistently due to the demanding work schedule. Finding a cleaner and paying the cleaner (forgot to put cash on the table, which meant I had to go back home) was also very inconvenient. That's when I saw an opportunity in the marketplace and created the first company to provide a scheduling engine and secure online payments for cleaning services.

The endeavor required minimal capital to get started, which allowed us to go lean, start with a minimally viable product and grow organically. Since MyClean started in 2009, we've only received $270K in funding from family and friends, and now the company generates more than $9M in annual revenue. We've completed more than 375,000 total home and office cleans, and average more than 2,000 cleans a week between NYC and Chicago.

While there are many aspects of our business that we take great pride in, such as staffing all our cleaners as full-time employees with complete benefits (not temps or 1099 independent contractors), at the core of all of this, we are a cleaning company first with top-notch customer service. Our mission is to provide our customers with a quality, reliable and personalized clean every time they book our service – and, create sustainable and fulfilling careers for all MyClean team members. Simple as that. This photo encapsulates our business in that immediately conveys the value we provide through MyClean's Great Clean Guarantee and 50 Point Checklist to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Our biggest challenge is addressing day-to-day issues in a scalable manner, while keeping an eye toward the horizon. Sending our employees into customers' homes, sight-unseen, leads to unique concerns. For example, strange breakage, misplaced dusters and hoarding situations. We want to make sure our cleaning team members and office team members give our full attention and effort to these issues, and address them with the customers in a timely manner, without getting bogged down. 

Recently, we just unveiled a revamped website utilizing an "anti-surge" pricing model, which incentivizes our customers with discounts for booking cleaning services during slower days and times, offering value to save more when you are more flexible with your schedule. And, unlike other cleaning services in the marketplace, there is no commitment and there are no subscription cancellation fees with MyClean's consistent, high-quality services.

Moving forward, we're focusing on growing revenue in both NYC and Chicago, increasing user growth across the board, and expanding the premier MyClean service to new markets such as Boston and Washington D.C. within the next year.

Edited for brevity and clarity by Nicole Fallon Taylor.

Image Credit: MyClean