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Small Business Snapshot: Tommy's Superfoods

Tom Williams, co-founder and COO of Tommy's Superfoods

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Tom Williams, co-founder and COO of Tommy's Superfoods explains how this image represents his business.

Tommy's Superfoods is a leading producer of premiere frozen superfoods committed to bringing gourmet cuisine to the frozen food aisle. Made with all-natural ingredients and offering non-GMO verified options, we flash freeze various superfoods to lock in freshness at their nutritional peak. With our products, we provide a delicious medley of flavors while still maintaining low sodium, low calories and no cholesterol. To make it even better, all of our blends are gluten free and are a great source of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Overall, we provide a delicious twist on your ordinary side dishes that can be served as sides or by themselves.

I started with a love of veggies, an organic garden, a kitchen full of cooks and a passion to redefine how we consume produce. The number one goal I had was to give frozen vegetables a healthy name along with a convenient way to get them, and keep them on your plate. So, I took everything I thought I knew about frozen foods and started fresh. 

This photo is vital to what I do and have always done at Tommy's Superfoods and that is put vegetables and nutrition first. When I first started Tommy's Superfoods, I traveled the country foraging for the very best specialty vegetables grown in each area, partnering with organic family farms from Oregon, to Idaho, to Michigan to the Bay Area of California. The best places in the world equal the best taste on your plate, so that's where we go. Additionally, 40 percent of fresh vegetables today are thrown away before they are consumed so there is much less waste with frozen vegetables. So while I'm a huge fan of produce, I'm also a huge fan of preserving the environment and combating food waste. In this picture you can also see me in the kitchen, having fun whipping up new flavors and combinations to make eating veggies both enjoyable and nutritious. 

The frozen foods aisle does not have the best reputation, and our main challenge is letting consumers know that frozen foods can be just as nutritious as fresh produce. We are continuously innovating our flavor offerings to provide a gourmet product, and to boost nutrition even more, we have reformulated our products to be low sodium. We know that to reach our target health consumer, we needed to make sure we were offering the most nutritious product possible. 

Edited for brevity and clarity by Jennifer Post.

Image Credit: Tommy's Superfoods