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Small Business Snapshot: Bijouxx Jewels

Small Business Snapshot: Bijouxx Jewels Credit: Katrina Hannemann, Studio Laguna Photography

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Nicole Bandklayder, co-founder and CMO of Bijouxx Jewels, explains how this image represents her business.

Bijouxx Jewels designs and manufactures fine jewelry and leather goods. We specialize in sterling silver gemstone jewelry in variations such as Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz and Quartz stones. Our leather bag collections are made with genuine leather with ostrich prints and all of our creations are designed in the U.S. with the intention to give a modern look to a more classic and timeless design.

Bijouxx Jewels started in 2013 as a virtual jewelry store selling luxury at affordable pricing. Having been in the jewelry business previously, my co-founder was able to connect us with some manufacturers all over the world. They helped us pick designs that would match up with our vision for the brand, and I was able to handle the marketing side with my experience. 

As the years progressed and we nailed down more of what Bijouxx would be, we decided to manufacture our own unique collections and expand into the leather goods business. We have opened up a few pop-up locations to help expand our customer base and we work with other e-tailers to gain more traffic and visibility. 

When you look at the "Bijouxx Girl" in the photo she has a smile on her face that makes you feel good and happy- basically what every woman wants to feel when she wears that perfect accessory. She also radiates a sense of confidence. Every piece of jewelry and bag designed at Bijouxx is designed to make women (or men) feel good about themselves and should be worn with confidence!   

The biggest challenge, as with any online business is to keep up the momentum in changing times. We use a lot of social media advertising and marketing to get the word out about Bijouxx, which can be complicated with the ever-changing digital landscape. Secondly, knowing what types of designs and collections are going to be unique and sell well can be challenging. While we want to be at the forefront of design, staying on trend can be just as important for our customers. 

Bijouxx will continue to be an online only shop. However, we will continue to work with outside sites to build our network. We will expand our collections with colors and styles to keep a wide variety of options available and look forward to creating more of a custom men's line in 2017 to attract more men to our site and open more doors for women's gifting needs.

Edited for brevity and clarity by Jennifer Post.

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