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Small Business Snapshot: Love Stories TV

Small Business Snapshot: Love Stories TV Credit: Love Stories TV

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Rachel Jo Silver, founder and CEO of Love Stories TV, explains how this image represents her business.

Love Stories TV is a media company that is building the first and biggest library of real wedding videos to inspire millennial women and engaged couples. On lovestoriestv.com, you can watch hours of real wedding films from all over the world, contributed by newlyweds and filmmakers who provide all the wedding details and the love stories themselves.  

Before founding Love Stories TV, I ran social media at Birchbox for more than four years, which meant I spent my days thinking about how to market to women in smart and engaging ways. We produced a lot of video content, so I'm intimately knowledgeable with the associated costs.

In 2013, shortly after my own wedding (where I did not have a wedding filmmaker because I was unaware of the new cinematic style of wedding filmmaking), I started to notice how incredible my friends' weddings films were. They weren't what I remembered from the events at all. These were cinematic, high quality, emotive films that provided endless ideas and inspiration if you're planning a wedding, and ready-made commercials for the brands featured. And so the idea for Love Stories TV was born. 

This is a photo of myself and our head of growth, Vanessa Buenger, from our 2016 Wedding Film Awards live show. We broadcast the event on Facebook and Instagram and had guest presenters from The Knot, Vimeo, Buzzfeed, Zola and more. Out of the thousands of films on Love Stories TV, 80 were nominated by our community across ten categories, and voting was open to the public. The filmmakers we feature are so talented, and we wanted to do something special to recognize their work. 

Our biggest challenge is being able to act on all of the opportunities that we see. As a startup, resources are always an issue when you're trying to keep up with demand! We've been blown away by the positive response from the wedding filmmaker community, the bridal and women's media publishing industry, and brides-to-be.

Edited for brevity and clarity by Nicole Taylor.