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Small Business Snapshot: SpearmintLOVE

Small Business Snapshot: SpearmintLOVE Credit: Shari Lott / @spearmintbaby (Instagram)

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Shari Lott, founder and CEO of SpearmintLOVE, explains how this image represents her business.

Ever since I started working for my dad's produce business when I was seven years old, I knew I wanted to run my own business someday. I explored that desire before my kids were born, when I sold women's fashion on eBay – a side project that I really enjoyed.

When my daughter was born, I started a blog called spearmintbaby.com to share design inspirations for nurseries and to showcase products that I thought were really cute. Though spearmintbaby grew in popularity, I missed the thrill of the sale, and came to realize that I much preferred selling products over writing about them. So, in 2013, I followed my passion and started SpearmintLOVE, an online children's clothing and accessories boutique.

As many parents will attest, there are few things in life more enjoyable than picking out a first outfit for your brand new baby. Whether it is for the all-important newborn pictures or a first birthday, those pictures literally last a lifetime. At SpearmintLOVE, we scour the earth for the cutest clothing, blankets and other cuddly things for your special guy or girl to help make those memories great. I truly feel like I have the best job in the world.

That being said, finding new products takes a lot of work and we spend countless hours searching for amazing new brands to feature. Our goal is to become the largest retailer in the baby and children's market without losing that "family feel" that our customers have come to know and rely on, and finding that balance can be quite the challenge in today's competitive market. It's our photos that really help us stand apart. They are the lifeblood of what we do, and help us maintain that genuine connection to our audience even as we grow and continue to add more and more cute, new products.

Though we sell through our online store (which we run through BigCommerce), we want customers to feel like we are a part of their family rather than a commerce site, so we choose to communicate through photos on social media. Our photos convey the story of each outfit. They embody the feeling that we are looking to communicate and help our customers envision our products in their lives. In return, our loyal customers use our social channels to give us constant and immediate feedback on what we are doing. For us, building a brand this way is really a win-win.

This photo is a fantastic representation of our business. Not only does it show the care we put into finding the perfect clothes for your child, but it also happens to be one of our most liked photos of all time, reaching more than 3.6 million people and receiving more than 69 thousand likes, 8,746 shares and over 9,500 comments!

Edited for brevity and clarity by Nicole Taylor.