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Small Business Snapshot: Balitello

Small Business Snapshot: Balitello Credit: Balitello.com

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Rob Baldino and Mickey Abbatiello, co-founders of Balitello Performance Dress Socks, explain how this image represents their business.

Balitello's Performance Dress Socks makes a pragmatic accessory that has redefined the idea of a comfortable dress sock. What's the difference? Our "Look Great, Feel Awesome" slogan does just that with the socks' stylish designs, as well as extra padding on the heel and toe, and odor resistant, non-color fading-fabric.

Balitello's motto is captured here in this photo by promoting a proper work-life balance. Our functional Performance Dress Socks weren't made for you to miserably slave away at that desk, but rather give you the physical and mental confidence boost to show off your best self.

We really didn't understand why people settle for uncomfortable, cheap dress socks. Look how much has changed in the past 100 years. It's almost 2017 — why are people stuck in the 1900s in terms of comfort-technology? We passionately needed to transcend and evolve the modern day dress sock to something functional.

Customer research about dress socks showed...

  • "I hate loose socks that slide down."
  • "After one wash they fade in color."
  • "My socks always stink."
  • "I keep getting blisters from dress shoes."

We decided to listen to people and put an end to this travesty. Being quality-made in the USA allowed us to work closely with our manufacturers, and create what is now coined the Performance Dress Socks. We have eliminated all those complaints and then some! Our goal is to allow people to be stylishly-comfortable and more active in their day-to-day life.

Our socks are offered through a monthly-subscription box called Sock of the Month Club. You sign up at Balitello.com, and they send a dapper pair of socks every month right to your door. It's more promising and convenient then going to a cluttered department store and buying an uncomfortable 3-pack of socks.    

Our biggest challenge is enabling people to understand that the current dress sock on the market today is truly unacceptable. To combat this, we started offering a promo for a free first month of the Sock Club. We want to let people get their hands on the product and truly feel the benefit it brings, not only to their feet but also their everyday life.

Edited for length and clarity by Nicole Taylor.

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