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My Company Used Instagram to Sell More Than a Dozen Franchises

Danny Nieves, CEO and president of Local Door Coupons

In 2013, my partner Brian Tijerino and I created Local Door Coupons, a streamlined, modernized version of a traditional advertising concept. Our company skips inboxes and street curbs, and instead distributes 15,000 high-quality, perforated coupon door hangers per territory. In three years' time, we have gone on to sell over a dozen franchises.

The impact of social media, particularly Instagram, has done wonders for our business, especially when it comes to generating leads for these franchisees.  Since our company focuses on grassroot marketing and promotion campaigns, we decided to investigate ways on how we could get social media involved to help our company grow financially. This is when we met social media mogul and investor, Jason Stone. Coincidentally, in 2015, Stone contacted us regarding acquiring a large stake of the company. After seeing his huge social media presence and his ability to get his followers to participate in "call-to-action," we decided to take a deeper look at his background.

Stone currently goes by @millionaire_mentor on Instagram, where he has more than 2,000,000 followers and posts inspirational messages that revolve around business, investing, entrepreneurship and self-empowerment. Through his motivational content, he established a huge following, which consists of everyone from A-List celebrities to Fortune 500 CEOs. This all happened for him within a two year timespan.

Stone was a perfect fit, as the simplicity of Local Door Coupons has proven to be extremely attractive for franchisees and lucrative for small local businesses. We brought Stone onboard and he immediately used his prolific social media following to introduce his millions of followers to the LDC launch and potential franchising opportunities. Most people found our concept unique: We were revolutionizing the coupon industry one door at a time.

As a franchisor, we would allow franchisees to reach out to local businesses within their exclusive territory to promote their products/services utilizing Door Coupons. Stone also promoted the fact that this is a home-based business with no investment for build-out, rent, or overhead — a highly sought-after business model.

Within 24 hours of announcing our new franchise opportunity, Local Door Coupons was bombarded with more than 200 franchise inquiries. Local Door Coupon's headquarters has also experienced a growth in advertising clients as well. In the last year, we have expanded out client list from small mom and pop businesses to national brands such as Subway, GNC, Marcos Pizza, Edible Arrangements, Denny's and Smoothie King.

After successfully overseeing the opening of various franchises across the United States in big cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Washington D.C, Oklahoma City, Toledo, Arlington and Los Angeles, the LDC headquarters is projecting to expand their franchises to an impressive 25 total locations by the end of the fourth quarter and over 100 locations by the end of 2017.

Since almost everything is accessible and promoted via social media, Internet and smartphones nowadays, the lasting physical impression of tangible advertising is surprising in the digital age. We credit the directness of our approach for the success of our business. By putting our product further from the street curb, "we are one step closer to getting through the door."

About the author: Danny Nieves has been with The Local Door Coupon Franchise, Inc., since its inception in August 2015. He has held the position of president at The Local Door Coupons, Inc. in Miami, Florida, from January 2014 to present. Previously, Nieves spent over seven years in the printing and digital advertising industry.

Image Credit: Local Door Coupons CEO & president Danny Nieves / Credit: Danny Nieves