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ClickMeeting Review

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks

After conducting extensive research and analysis of video conference services, we recommend ClickMeeting as the best overall video conference service.



The Verdict

Why ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is our top choice for video conference software for businesses. A cloud-based video conference system starting at $25 per month, ClickMeeting includes two presenters and up to 100 attendees. It offers a custom-tailored Enterprise package starting at $165 per month, which supports audiences from 500 to 5,000 people.

A robust selection of features makes ClickMeeting a very attractive system. From conducting polls and surveys to rebranding webinars to fit your company's image, ClickMeeting gives you vast control over how you engage with other participants. Other key features include screen sharing, private chat, chat-to-text translations, multi-user subaccounts, audio and video recording, and webinar statistics.

ClickMeeting also scored big points for its ease of use and high-quality video and audio streaming. The service is also reliable, rarely dropping out or lagging during our testing experience. While there is no phone-based customer support, ClickMeeting offers live chat support from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, as well as email support services.

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ClickMeeting offers a wide array of features essential to businesses in a video conferencing system. There are different pricing plans, some of which have additional uses. Here are some of the features available in every plan.

  • App integration: ClickMeeting allows you to integrate popular third-party applications your organization might already be using, such as Adobe, Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn and Office 2016.
  • Chat text translations: ClickMeeting includes 52 languages that can be used to translate chat text in real time. This is a useful feature for companies that regularly work with international partners. 
  • Customized invitations: You can create email invitations and tailor them to match your brand's color scheme. You can also include agendas, webinar objectives and registration buttons for participants.
  • Polls and surveys: You can create polls or surveys for the audience so presenters can gain feedback or insights about the topic at hand. The information could be used to determine a specific course of action, delegate responsibilities or simply solicit feedback to improve future webinars. You can choose single-choice, multiple-choice or open-ended format.
  • Private chat: ClickMeeting supports one-on-one direct messages during conferences.
  • Screen sharing: Whether you need to walk colleagues through presentations and files or you're training new employees or clients on how to use the system, the ability to share your screen – or remotely command another user's screen – often comes in handy.
  • Social media sharing: Are you trying to cast a wide net with your video conference? Share your room with your social networks and expand your reach.
  • Waiting room with agenda: While participants wait to enter a meeting, they can view a waiting-room screen that includes the agenda for the meeting, additional information about the presenter or more details about the organization's objectives.
  • Webinar timelines: This timeline of your webinars and events allows you to review your past use of ClickMeeting. It also lets you dive deeper with a fuller examination of statistics and a report-generation tool to focus on a particular topic or trend. Timelines allow you to duplicate past events in case an upcoming conference uses a similar format.
  • Webinar rebranding: You can add logos and alter color schemes to match the conference room's appearance to your own brand, making ClickMeeting an extension of your organization.
  • Webinar recording: Recording allows you to archive previous conferences, meetings and presentations for future review. You can use them for training material, allow absent employees to catch up on their own time, or revisit for the purposes of modifying your strategic objectives.
  • Whiteboard: This built-in collaboration tool allows users to draw and write to one another to facilitate brainstorming and innovative thinking.


In addition to the features that come standard at each pricing level, you can purchase add-ons to augment your subscription. For example, if you need extra recording space or want to add more attendees to your meeting but don't require the next plan up, add-ons allow you to pick and choose features for an added fee.

These are some of the add-on features available:

  • Extra attendees and presenters: If your plan doesn't include enough seats in a webinar or you want to bring in additional presenters, you can buy extra seats without upgrading your entire plan. You can purchase unlimited attendee seats and up to four additional presenter seats.
  • Recording storage and archives: If you regularly record your meetings or webinars and require more storage space or a cloud-based recording archive, these are available as add-ons to base plans.
  • File storage: For teams that use large files during presentations, increasing storage space beyond the base plan might come in handy. Just like additional recording storage, bigger file storage is available for an added fee.
  • Extra video streams: You can expand a small webinar group to include more video streams. Up to three additional streams are available beyond base plans.
  • Parallel sessions: Parallel sessions allow multiple presenters to run different webinars at the same time. Purchasing parallel sessions ensures that you can conduct multiple webinars from the same account.
  • Multi-user management: The main account holder can grant access to multiple users through the same set of credentials, making it easy for any group of permissioned users to access and run video conferences and webinars.
  • Subaccounts: Subaccounts enable you to grant other users access to a specific account. All users have their own separate storage space and available recording time, as well as their own unique login credentials.

Ease of Use

ClickMeeting's user interface is intuitive, simple to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek dashboard doesn't feel cluttered or overwhelming. Scheduling meetings, creating a conference room and connecting with other users is simple and straightforward, requiring minimal training.

When you schedule a time and date for a meeting, you receive a link to a conference room. As part of the scheduling process, you'll have the option to invite other attendees via email, where they'll receive a link and dial-in information.

There's a lot to explore, but it's all laid out in a self-explanatory manner, and it's easy to get comfortable using the software by clicking around. The 30-day free trial is a great opportunity to become well acquainted with the system and decide if it suits your team. ClickMeeting runs well and maintains its user-friendly interface on both desktops and mobile devices. All in all, simplicity is where ClickMeeting excels.


ClickMeeting's pricing is well worth the value the company provides. While it isn't the cheapest service, you definitely get your money's worth in terms of features and quality. The company offers a variety of pricing packages, which are outlined below. Prices listed here are by month, but ClickMeeting offers a 20 percent discount for plans billed on an annual basis.

MyWebinars package (25-100 attendees)

This plan includes two presenters, four video streams, a rebranding tool and four hours of recording. ClickMeeting recommends it for small and midsize webinars.

  • $30 per month for 25 users
  • $39 per month for 50 users
  • $69 per month for 100 users

MyWebinars Pro package (50-500 attendees)

Billed as the company's best deal, Pro includes four presenters, four video streams, a rebranding tool, six hours of recording, high definition and 24 hours of recordings in archive storage. ClickMeeting suggests this plan for large events.

  • $45 per month for 50 users
  • $79 per month for 100 users
  • $179 per month for 500 users

Enterprise package (500-5,000 attendees)

For enterprise clients, ClickMeeting tailors a scalable webinar system to your business. The purchase includes a dedicated account manager, expert consultations, add-ons, live webcasting, high definition and rebranding services.

  • Begins at $209 per month for 500 users


Lack of phone support: While ClickMeeting does offer email and live chat support from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, the company has no phone support for customers. However, in addition to email and live chat, ClickMeeting offers educational materials like downloadable PDFs and video tutorials.

ClickMeeting does offer phone support for sales calls. However, our calls to sales support had inconsistent results. When we called posing as a potential client, the first sales representative wasn't able to answer our questions. Yet, when we called sales support a second time posing as a potential client, the sales representative answered all our questions in an understandable way without being too pushy.   

We chose ClickMeeting from a pool of dozens of video conference services. To learn more about our full methodology and for a more comprehensive list of video conference services, visit our best picks page.

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The Verdict

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
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