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Small Business Snapshot: Little Passports

Small Business Snapshot: Little Passports Credit: Little Passports

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Amy Norman, co-CEO and co-founder of Little Passports, explains how this image represents her business.

I grew up moving every three years between England and the U.S. I knew first-hand that the American education system doesn't do enough to teach children about the world. I'll never forget the time an eighth-grade student asked where England was. When I replied that it was in Europe, he asked me where Europe was. I co-founded Little Passports, a children's media company, in 2009 to address this problem: to raise a generation of global citizens.

Little Passports offers four subscription services, each of which sends character-based packages to a child's home each month. Our first offering, the World Edition, launched in 2009. Every month, children learn about a new country via packages delivered to their doorsteps. It has been so successful that we have expanded from 12 initial packages to 36 different monthly adventures. 

Our customers are extremely loyal and engaged, and have come to trust us to create innovative, fun educational products. In response to their demand, we went on to develop our USA Edition in 2011. Soon afterward, we again met customer demand for a product aimed at younger children ages 3 to 5, and launched our Early Explorers subscription in 2014.

This fall, we expanded for the first time beyond geography and into a new vertical – science! Our Science Expeditions subscription introduces children to the world of science with our own unique spin on STEM/STEAM. Each package includes a comic book adventure featuring our characters Sam and Sofia, a mystery to solve, and, of course science experiments. We know that kids learn best by touching and feeling, so every monthly package includes several experiments, which are kid-tested and developed by educators and toy-industry veterans.

Our packages combine fun with education to inspire a lifelong love of learning. We're so excited to show children a new way to explore. Scientists are the ultimate adventurers!

Edited for length and clarity by Nicole Taylor.