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Small Business Snapshot: School of Rock

Small Business Snapshot: School of Rock Credit: School of Rock

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Dzana Homan, CEO of music school franchise School of Rock, explains how this image represents her business.

School of Rock offers kids and adults alike the opportunity to learn how to play a variety of instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals) by performing live in front of real audiences. As the world's largest music education company, School of Rock is known for producing top-tier talent that has landed high-profile positions across the television and music industries — including alumni who have starred on Broadway's "School of Rock" and the iconic show "American Idol."

The photo represents the wide range of ages and talent levels that perform at School of Rock. We have students as young as 3 and a half, and we also have programs geared towards adults. Nearly anyone with a passion and interest in learning how to play music can find a program to fit their skill level and get rocking and rolling in no time!

The business launched in 1998, when our founder, musician Paul Green, saw a need in the marketplace — namely, that kids could learn more efficiently if they were actually playing music that they appreciate. Whether it's the Beatles, Bowie, Queen or Pink Floyd, students are sure to find or discover an artist to inspire them. From that idea, School of Rock was born!

The company has steadily grown since then into an international phenomenon. With more than 180 locations in nine countries, the franchise is continuing to grow and help more individuals tap into their musical passion.

The way consumers gather and interact with information is shifting, and this is a very important challenge we are continuously addressing. More parents and students are making buying/enrollment decisions about educational services online. As such, we are continuously focusing on creating the best digital experience for our consumers, and we've seen huge increases in enrollment as a result. 

Edited for brevity and clarity by Nicole Taylor.