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Small Business Snapshot: Crane & Canopy

Small Business Snapshot: Crane & Canopy Credit: Crane & Canopy

Crane & Canopy, founded in 2012, offers beautifully designed luxury bedding, duvet covers and sheets at accessible prices.

I came up with the idea for the company shortly after buying my first home. I loved everything about the home-buying process, and I had dreams of transforming my house into a beautiful home. Once I started decorating, I saw there was a gap in the market. I couldn't find luxury bedding that didn’t break the bank.

That was my "aha!" moment. By bypassing the middle man and going directly to the world's best linen factories, Crane & Canopy brings premium bedding directly to customers without the markup.

Our challenge is to continually inspire and delight our customers with fresh, smart designs. We are always seeking out timeless, beautiful styles and new design features that make the lives of our customers simpler and better.

We look to ensure that our global supply chain continues to deliver the highest-quality products at the best possible prices to our customers. We are constantly traveling around the world, visiting and meeting with our factories to check in and, if necessary, adjust our practices.

The year ahead will be another exciting one for our team. The textile and bedding market is expansive, and there are many opportunities to grow both vertically and horizontally. Expect to see exciting new fabrics, textures, and layering options, as well as a reinvention of a new textile category.

We believe in beautifully designed bedding that inspires you to lounge in bed a little longer each morning. With premium fabrics, chic designs and thoughtful details, each style is unique, versatile and perfect for the modern home.

Edited for length and clarity by Sammi Caramela.