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Small Business Snapshot: Tickle Water

Small Business Snapshot: Tickle Water Credit: Cheyenne Ellis

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Heather McDowell, founder and CEO of Tickle Water, explains how this image represents her business.

Being well-hydrated is imperative. It allows the body to function properly and helps cognitive abilities and behavior. Water is the best way for kids to stay well hydrated; however, children often find water to be boring.

Tickle Water, founded in 2016, is the first and only all-natural, unsweetened sparkling water on the market for kids. It was born out of a desire to get kids drinking more water and to have a platform to teach them about healthy habits, namely staying hydrated.

The brand was inspired by my son, Jayger, who was often reaching for my sparkling water. One day I gave him some of mine and he laughed as he took his first sip of carbonation and called the bubbly water "Tickle Water" as the bubbles tickled his tongue. I realized over time that he was asking for water (Tickle Water) instead of his usual juice box, and it was then I realized that I had found a way to get my son and other kids to drink more water! 

From there, I began to extensively study and research the beverage industry. I went to beverage seminars and classes to learn as much as I could about the field and hired seasoned beverage professionals to help with the launch. In just 11 months, we did it.

Our product is free from preservatives, GMOs, gluten, sodium, sugar, calories and artificial sweeteners, making it a clean alternative to sugar-laden juice boxes and sodas currently on the market for kids. With four unique flavors to choose from (Green Apple, Watermelon, Cola and Natural), there is an option for everyone.

This photo, shot by Cheyenne Ellis, is all about fun, happiness and positivity which is what our brand is all about. Tickle Water's mission is to create delicious, healthy products that empower children to be the best versions of themselves. If one feels good on the inside because of what they are putting into their bodies, it will translate to how they feel on the outside. 

Edited for length and clarity by Sammi Caramela.