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Small Business Snapshot: Rug Renovating

Small Business Snapshot: Rug Renovating Credit: Vincent Strange/Rug Renovating

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Paul Iskyan, fourth-generation CEO of rug restoration company Rug Renovating, explains how this image represents his business.

Many people want to have beautiful furnishings in their homes. They often forget that they have to co-exist with children, pets, guests and other elements that can wreak havoc on their rugs and carpets.

Rug Renovating was founded in 1896 in Brooklyn, New York, by Boghos Iskyan, as a rug restoration and refinishing company based on old world craftsmanship. The facility, now located in East Orange, NJ, has gained notoriety and trust from loyal customers.  

Rug collectors, celebrities, leading retail stores, importers, decorators and homeowners count on Rug Renovating to clean, repair, restore and protect their rugs, carpets and home furnishings. Our celebrity clientele includes Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Douglas, Charles Osgood and Kelly Ripa, to name a few.

All the rugs we service have their own unique characteristics and problems. Our process begins with an inspection by one of the company's certified rug specialists. When a rug is badly stained, our staff chemist identifies the source and determines the ideal cleaning solutions. Expert weavers then identify the appropriate wools and dyes needed to complete the restoration. Technicians study the stains, water, smoke or food damage to identify the precise processes to use for the restoration.

This photo shows employee Tenzin Tsultrim repairing a damaged rug. Repairs are woven into the rug by hand, using custom-colored thread to expertly replicate torn or damaged areas. 

Our mission is not only to clean and repair rugs and carpets when things go wrong but to also help our clients take preventative action designed to add another measure of protection to their most precious assets. For example, we offer a furniture and rug product that protects from the bleaching action of UV rays that can take the color right out of a beautiful rug. And we've developed a spot cleaner for customers to use at home at the first sign of a stain.

We believe in a hands-on approach to cleaning, repairing and restoring Oriental and Antique rugs, as well as domestic carpets. If a customer wants their rug restored back to its original form, it can be done 99 percent of the time. 

Camille Mason

Camille is a political science major at Miami University of Ohio. She previously served as an editorial intern at Business News Daily, and hopes to be involved in drafting foreign policy in her future career.

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