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5 Businesses Disrupting the Online Fashion World

online fashion
Credit: Itsra Sanprasert

The world of online shopping is evolving, and a number of new startups are bringing new ideas and innovations to the online fashion business. Here are five companies taking a new approach to online shopping.  

Fovo is a new, highly personalized website focused on changing the way women shop for clothes by focusing on body shape rather than size. Shoppers visiting the website will see a five-question survey. They are asked to click on a body shape closest to their own and to provide their dress, pant and blouse sizes. The site calculates a result from the survey responses, which is used to provide shoppers with a personal feed of apparel that will look good on them. This feed will advertise only clothes that are in-stock and appropriate for the customer's body shape. 

Lab No25 says its behind-the-scenes fashion content, which includes videos of fashion shoots and the process for selecting featured items, sets it apart from other e-commerce websites. The site showcases a mix of well-known and up-and-coming brands while also incorporating European designers, making them more accessible to U.S.-based shoppers. 

Garmentory offers shoppers a boutique shopping experience in the comfort of their own homes. This website takes the work out of bargain hunting by offering a curated selection of sale items from a variety of boutiques. Once customers find a piece they like, they can make an offer on the website. The website then sends those offers to the boutique selling the specific item. Once offers are accepted, boutiques send the items to the buyer for free.

Fynd is a fashion search engine that makes online shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers. The website serves as the user's personal shopper, making it easier for people to locate the specific items they want, rather than getting overwhelming with pages of content. Once a shopper has liked an article of clothing, a feed will show up with similar items. 

Le Tote is one of the few fashion websites that charges customers a set, monthly price for unlimited clothing deliveries. Shoppers can add clothing to their "totes" to rent; the items then get shipped to them, and shoppers simply need to ship the clothes back once they are done. Customers can also choose to keep some of the clothing and be charged by the website. Each user also gets a personal shopper, who sends surprise additions to each customer's tote based on previous orders.

Camille Mason

Camille is a political science major at Miami University of Ohio. She previously served as an editorial intern at Business News Daily, and hopes to be involved in drafting foreign policy in her future career.