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Leadership Lessons: Tara Gilad, COO of Vitality Bowls

There's no one "right" way to lead a business. Today's leaders have a lot of wisdom to impart about managing the modern workforce, because each one approaches leadership in his or her own unique way. Every week, Business News Daily will share a leadership lesson from a successful business owner or executive.

  • The leader: Tara Gilad, co-founder and COO of Vitality Bowls superfood café franchise
  • Time in current position: 5 years
  • Tara's philosophy: "Maintain open communication and build strong relationships to ensure all needs are met." (Click to tweet)

Gilad explains the experiences that helped form her personal leadership philosophy:

"I'm lucky to come from a family of entrepreneurs, which inspired me to want to start my own business when I was in college. Prior to Vitality Bowls, I owned two other successful businesses, so I learned a lot about leadership through first-hand experience. With age, I've learned so much about working with all types of people.

"I've found that the best way to lead is by example. I try to continually show my passion for healthy food and the brand, so it's translated at each location. I also try to build strong relationships by maintaining open lines of communication. I try to take each franchisee's ideas into consideration and we have monthly and weekly calls to check-in. The most important thing is doing everything I can to help them be successful."

Nicole Fallon

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