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Leadership Lessons: Ken S. Springer of Corporate Resolutions, Inc.

There's no one "right" way to lead a business. Today's leaders have a lot of wisdom to impart about managing the modern workforce, because each one approaches leadership in his or her own unique way. Every week, Business News Daily will share a leadership lesson from a successful business owner or executive.

  • The leader: Ken. S. Springer, founder and president of Corporate Resolutions, Inc. (CRI)
  • Time in current position: 25 years
  • Ken's philosophy: "I believe in hands-on leadership and try to lead by example. I always practice what I preach." (Click to tweet)

Springer explains the experiences that helped form his personal leadership philosophy:

"I loved the 12 years I spent with the FBI, but it also taught me that I belonged in an entrepreneurial environment. When I started my business I was definitely more of a micro-manager than I care to admit. But after years of reading, observing and learning from my mistakes, my leadership style has evolved. 

"I also come from a large family, so I was fortunate to have a nice combination of academic and real-world experience well before I started Corporate Resolutions. Leading a big family means managing a lot of different personalities. In my case, that meant learning to be patient at times and knowing when to give a push.

"It's important to have a strong understanding of your people's true strengths. This helps foster a 'delegate with trust' style, as opposed to a 'delegate to get off your plate' style. As much as possible, decisions should be driven by consensus. You need to be open-minded and flexible to create a positive environment."

Nicole Fallon

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