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The Hottest Jobs of 2017

The Hottest Jobs of 2017
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With such a competitive job market, knowing which positions employers are actively trying to fill can be an advantage for those looking for work. New research from Randstad US found a number of engineering, life sciences, information technology, manufacturing, human resources, and office and administration jobs that will be in demand in 2017.

Jim Link, chief human resources officer for Randstad North America, said that with the current talent shortage, employers requiring specialty skills have a small candidate pool.

"A number of market trends, such as an aging population and labor force participation, and other economic factors have generated job growth and created a demand for wide-ranging skill sets," Link told Business News Daily. "We enlisted the expertise of our national recruiting team to look at a variety of workforce trends, including the number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, salary range and employer need to determine the most in-demand and emerging jobs."

Link said a common thread among all this year's most in-demand jobs is innovation. [See Related Story: The Jobs Employers Have the Toughest Time Filling]

"As technology advancements continue to evolve at unprecedented speeds and transform the way work gets done in each industry, employers will need to find and retain candidates to meet their needs as a result."

Here are Randstad's most in-demand jobs for 2017:


  • Validation engineer
  • Construction project manager
  • Controls engineer

"The engineering field continues to evolve based on market trends and technical innovation," Richard Zambacca, president of Randstad Engineering, said in a statement. "Competition remains high for the most popular positions, while the unemployment rate for the overall field is well below the national average.”

Finance and Accounting

  • Accountant (staff, junior, senior)
  • Analyst (financial, business, junior, senior)
  • Manager (accounting, finance, project)
  • Auditor (director, manager, SOX)

"Job opportunities in finance and accounting have increased with the growing economy," said Jodi Chavez, president of Randstad Professionals. "Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with strong public accounting and general ledger software skills, as well as bilingual applicants."

Non-Clinical Healthcare

  • Administrative assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Executive assistant

"As the healthcare industry overall sees continued growth, the number of non-clinical support staff will increase as well," said Linda Perneau, president of Randstad Commercial Staffing. "A focus on improving patient experience and greater use of technology in a clinical setting will contribute to the need for additional front and back-office support in healthcare facilities across the country."

Human Resources

  • HR generalist/business partner
  • HR manager/director
  • Compensation and benefits manager
  • Learning and development specialist
  • Recruitment specialist

"Recent developments in mobile apps, cloud technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics are helping to better anticipate and manage business needs," Chavez said. "The pace of technological adoption, combined with a growing talent shortage, is creating new challenges and opportunities for HR professionals."

Information Technology

  • Full stack developer
  • Security engineer
  • Big data engineer

"Advancements and innovation in technology call for an increase in qualified candidates for a wide variety of IT roles," said Dino Grigorakakis, vice president of Randstad Technologies. "Positions in Big Data, in particular, will continue to see growth as they are critical to increasing productivity and innovation – two important differentiators for nearly all companies today."

Life Sciences

  • Medical writer
  • Clinical study manager
  • Drug safety associate
  • Regulatory manager
  • Clinical research associate

"The talent shortage in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry will likely continue to rise in 2017 with the increased volume of clinical studies initiated in 2016," John Ebeid, vice president of Randstad Life Sciences. "As a result, the industry will require qualified and experienced candidates to fill these open positions."

Office and Administration

  • Customer Service Rep
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Executive assistant

"As office and administration roles evolve, these positions are starting to look more like middle management than support staff," Perneau said. "The recession and advancements in technology have both contributed to the evolution, as more companies turn to a smaller team to take on more duties. As a result, competition can be high for some of the most popular jobs, so candidates that possess diverse skills such as project management, budgeting, marketing and training will have the upper hand."

Manufacturing and Logistics

Direct Hire

  • Production supervisor
  • Driver
  • Warehouse supervisor


  • Loader
  • Assembler
  • General production worker

"New technology, innovative production systems, a growing preference for American-made goods and a decline in offshoring are transforming U.S. manufacturing," said Greg Dyer, president of Randstad Commercial Staffing. "There is an increased demand for technology-savvy workers to not only capitalize on the next industrial revolution, but to fill a critical void left behind by retiring workers."

Link believes knowing which positions are in demand can give job seekers an advantage, because it removes some of the guesswork in searching for an opportunity and helps candidates better understand the job market they face.

"With the unemployment rate at near-historic lows, job seekers should take advantage of the strong labor market and use all of the resources available to them," Link said. "Candidates can improve their chances for career growth and landing these coveted roles if they know how to package their skills and experiences as potential solutions." More information on each of the hot jobs can be found on the Randstad website

Chad Brooks

Chad Brooks is a Chicago-based writer and editor with nearly 20 years in media. A 1998 journalism graduate of Indiana University, Chad began his career with Business News Daily in 2011 as a freelance writer. In 2014, he joined the staff full time as a senior writer. Before Business News Daily, Chad spent nearly a decade as a staff reporter for the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago, covering a wide array of topics including local and state government, crime, the legal system and education. Chad has also worked on the other side of the media industry, promoting small businesses throughout the United States for two years in a public relations role. His first book, How to Start a Home-Based App Development Business, was published in 2014. He lives with his wife and daughter in the Chicago suburbs.