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7 Very Unusual Franchises You Didn't Know Exist

Jennifer Post

Many businesses offer franchise opportunities to would-be entrepreneurs who want to own a business but don't necessarily want to start from scratch. With thousands of franchised companies operating in the U.S., there's likely one suited to your personal interests and skills.  

While some may think of popular fast food chains and fitness centers when they think of franchising opportunities, companies off the beaten path need a little love too. Keep reading for a list of unique and unusual franchises you've probably have never heard of.

Anger Room

Anger Room franchises provide people with rooms staged with donated electronics, furniture, mannequins and tons of other breakable items where patrons can work out their aggression. After suiting up in protective gear, patrons use blunt objects of their choice, such as a baseball bat, golf club, crowbar or sledgehammer, to pulverize everything in sight. Specialty smash rooms that recreate a specific setting, such as a supervisor's office, are available upon request. Customers pay $25 and up for sessions ranging from five to 25 minutes.

Beef Jerky Outlet

If there is a heaven – and a business opportunity – for beef jerky connoisseurs, the Beef Jerky Outlet may be it. This specialty business sells more than 200 varieties of jerky, including exotic offerings such as kangaroo, alligator, venison and elk, with flavors including 3 Beer Rub and Cajun. The Beef Jerky Outlet credits its success to its "try before you buy" approach, which invites customers to taste-test samples of different products until they find their preferred flavor. The Beef Jerky Outlet offers a fast-track franchise program for veterans as well.


Ever thought about how crime scenes are cleaned up after the police and coroners have finished their work? For those with strong stomachs and a sympathetic nature, a career in cleaning crime and trauma scenes may be a good fit. Bio-One specializes in decontamination and recovery after a suicide or homicide. Additionally, it removes dangerous and unpleasant odors and cleans up homes consumed by hoarding. 

According to Bio-One's website, ideal franchise candidates will have worked for a restoration company, have a contractor's license or a background in civil service. After franchisees complete training at the company's Las Vegas headquarters and obtain industry certifications, corporate management will visit their hometown for on-site marketing, launch and grand-opening support. 

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Founded in 2000, DoodyCalls specializes in waste pickup, brown-spot treatment, and deodorizing of patios and decks for dog owners. It offers cat owners a litter box service, which includes emptying, cleaning and disinfecting the litter box and refilling it with fresh litter. It also cleans common areas and sells and maintains pet waste stations, equipment, and supplies for communities and parks. Though it specializes in dogs and cats, DoodyCalls franchisees respond to a wide range of requests and have picked up after geese, llamas, and even a pot-bellied pig or two.

The Spice & Tea Exchange

The Spice & Tea Exchange was founded in 2008 with a vision to create a one-of-a-kind retail shopping experience. The company has 50-plus franchise stores across the United States, providing guests with more than 140 spices, 85 exclusive hand-mixed blends, over 30 exotic teas, naturally flavored sugars, salts from around the world, gourmet gifts and accessories. The Spice & Tea Exchange has an unusual growth strategy: It opens almost exclusively in areas with high tourist traffic and has found the secret formula for success in these smaller markets, with existing stores increasing sales by nearly 30 percent on a yearly basis.

We Do Lines

Drivers rarely see the lines on roads and in parking lots being painted, but someone is responsible for the lines that separate lanes and parking spaces. We Do Lines does more than just parking lot striping, having branched out into curb painting, pavement stencils, concrete and asphalt repair, and warehouse floor striping and staging.

Wild Birds Unlimited

Bird-watching aficionados and nature lovers can open a Wild Birds Unlimited store, which specializes in all sorts of bird supplies, including seeds, feeders, baths, binoculars and books. Founded in 1981, Wild Birds Unlimited even sells its own line of bird feeders. Franchisees are encouraged to be active in educational efforts in their communities, partner with environmental and nature groups, and actively participate in conservation efforts. Once potential franchisees submit their business plan to the company, they are invited to an aptly named "Join the Flock" day at the Franchise Support Center in Carmel, Indiana.

Additional reporting by Paula Fernandes.

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