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9 Top Considerations When Buying an Inkjet Printer

There are lots to consider when trying to decide on which inkjet printer to buy. Author and consultant David Papp gives small business owners a few factors to consider when buying an inkjet printer.

  • Inkjet printers are great for personal use and home businesses due to
    their low cost
  • The cost of consumables (ink and paper) are low if your total volume of printing is very
  • Inkjet printers produce fantastic-looking photos, especially when you
    use higher quality paper (specific photo paper made for inkjet printers). This
    helps prevent the ink from smudging and gives it a glossy look
  • Inkjet printers also conveniently come with other functions —  such as scanning, faxing and copying capabilities (including scan-to-email, which
    is very convenient)
  • The number of pages you will be able to print with your inkjet printer
    depends heavily on how dense the printing is on the page (example: graphics
    versus just text)
  • Security should be a consideration as well. Buy separate printers
    for sensitive jobs/locations such as accounting and human resources
  • It’s always good to have a spare printer on hand for situations where you
    have a problem and urgently need to print something. The extremely low
    cost of inkjet printers allows you to have a spare on hand
  • Keep in mind that inkjet cartridges can dry out over time, especially
    if they're not being used. Standardization helps to greatly reduce costs. Buy your
    cartridges in bulk. Having the same printers and only needing to stock a
    single model of printer cartridge will help save in costs — and frustration.