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Ready to Join? Handmade at Amazon Opens for Business

Ready to Join? Handmade at Amazon Opens for Business
Credit: LanaSweet/Shutterstock

The launch of Amazon's handmade-arts-and-crafts marketplace, Handmade at Amazon, means there's a new challenger for the original online home of handmade goods, Etsy— but it also presents a new sales opportunity for handmade-goods businesses looking for additional sales channels.

Handmade at Amazon already boasts more than 80,000 products from artisans in more than 60 countries, but it's not too late to apply to sell with the new platform. Handmade at Amazon accepts handcrafted-only products across such categories as jewelry, artwork, kitchen and dining, and furniture. Artisans' goods are listed for free, but Amazon charges a 12 percent referral fee to cover the cost of processing, marketing and shipping on items sold through Handmade.

"Artisans fill out an application form, where we ask them about their items, production methods, workspace and their business," an Amazon representative told Business News Daily. "Each application is reviewed by a member of our team to ensure that the artisan and their items meet our definition of handmade."

The new platform aims to personally connect the vendors with their customers, primarily through artisan profiles, which include the artists' location as well as details about their workspace and how their products are made. There are no restrictions on where artisans can sell their wares, meaning owners of stores on Etsy or other platforms can jump into the Handmade marketplace as well.

Amazon claims that Handmade provides vendors with exposure to all 285 million active Amazon customers, though it remains to be seen how engaged Amazon.com users will be in this new handmade-goods marketplace. Last year, Etsy saw 21 million customers spend just less than $2 billion on original products, according to Etsy data.

But Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson defended his company's turf, citing 10 years of experience and the support Etsy provides to its artisan partners.

"We believe we are the best platform for creative entrepreneurs, empowering them to succeed on their own terms," Dickerson told Business News Daily in a statement. "Etsy has a decade of experience understanding the needs of artists and sellers, and supporting them in ways that no other marketplace can. Our platform attracts [more than] 21 million thoughtful consumers seeking to discover unique goods and build relationships with the people who make and sell them."

Either way, the launch of Handmade at Amazon means there is another large venue out there for hobbyists and artisans to market and sell their homemade goods.

Adam C. Uzialko

Adam C. Uzialko, a New Jersey native, graduated from Rutgers University in 2014 with a degree in Political Science and Journalism & Media Studies. In addition to his full-time position at Business News Daily and Business.com, Adam freelances for a variety of outlets. An indispensable ally of the feline race, Adam is owned by four lovely cats.