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Want to Beat the Recruiting Blues? Build Candidate Relationships

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It's a great time to be a job seeker. The 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey, published by recruiting platform Jobvite, found that more than a quarter of all companies anticipate hiring 100 or more people in the next year, especially in fast-growing industries like telecommunications (56 percent), hospitality (48 percent) and health care (46 percent).

But the people on the other end of the hiring equation don't have it quite so easy. Jobvite's survey found that 95 percent of recruiters anticipate the search for talent to be just as or more competitive in the next 12 months. They'll need to work harder than ever to combat low application rates — about half of all job openings receive 50 or fewer applications — and shrinking employee tenures, with 30 percent of workers leaving their jobs within one to three years.

Recruiters told Jobvite that some of their biggest obstacles to creating an efficient hiring process are:

  • Lack of skilled/qualified candidates (56 percent)
  • Industry competition (50 percent)
  • Moving candidates through the hiring stages (49 percent)
  • Hiring managers reviewing résumés (41 percent)
  • Lack of budget (33 percent)
  • Location (22 percent)
  • Salary negotiations (19 percent)
  • Scheduling interviews (18 percent)
  • Performing phone screens (10 percent)

Having a steady stream of great candidates to contact is the best way to overcome many of these challenges, but how can you get job seekers interested and keep your talent pipeline full? As it turns out, the best way for recruiters to stand out is "the most sincere — by forming genuine relationships with job seekers," said Rachel Bitte, chief people officer of Jobvite. [4 Ways to Ensure You're Recruiting the Best Talent]

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According to Jobvite, 78 percent of recruiters find their best candidates through referrals, followed by social and professional networks (56 percent) and intern-to-hire programs (55 percent). Developing each of these talent pathways requires recruiters to make networking and relationship-building a top priority.

"Referrals only come from genuine connections," Bitte told Business News Daily. "I'd suggest getting in touch with friends, acquaintances and even friends of friends to find people who might be the perfect fit for your company," she told Business News Daily.

Social media is another important tool to help recruiters build strong candidate relationships. Ninety-two percent of survey respondents use a variety of social networks, including LinkedIn (87 percent), Facebook (55 percent) and Twitter (47 percent), to evaluate and engage talent. Nearly three-quarters also use social media to increase awareness about their company brand, which will in turn help attract talent.

The 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey was based on the responses of more than 1,400 recruiting and HR professionals in various industries. For full results, visit Jobvite's website.

Nicole Fallon

Nicole received her Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. She began freelancing for Business News Daily in 2010 and joined the team as a staff writer three years later. Nicole served as the site's managing editor until January 2018, and briefly ran Business.com's copy and production team. Follow her on Twitter.