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Start Your Business Success Stories

Small Business Snapshot: GreenPal

Small Business Snapshot: GreenPal Credit: Gene Caballero, GreenPal co-founder

Company name: GreenPal
Website: www.yourgreenpal.com
Founded: 2013

Co-founder and CEO Bryan Clayton shared the story behind GreenPal, a mobile marketplace that helps connect homeowners with lawn care professionals.

This is a picture of one our vendor partners in Nashville, Tom Balch with Legacy Landscapes. GreenPal's vision is to enable hard-working, skilled lawn care operators like Balch grow their businesses by off-loading their sales, marketing, accounts receivable and bookkeeping to us. This frees up these professionals to focus on their craft: Creating well-maintained landscapes. 

I've been in the landscaping industry for 15 years. I started cutting grass in high school and grew that into a business which I ultimately sold last year. Operating my lawn-mowing business and seeing how hard it is for busy homeowners to find and hire the right landscaping service for them was my inspiration for starting GreenPal. GreenPal is run by four friends and our vision is to make this household chore easier for consumers while also helping out small business owners in the industry.

Lawn service professionals face many challenges — getting new customers, billing, scheduling and routing are difficult even given today's technology. We've also found that GreenPal's mission itself is challenging, as building a marketplace for local home services is not easy.

Something interesting about our business is that we require every new recruit on our team to work an entire day mowing lawns with one of our vendor partners. It doesn't matter if they are a developer, UX (user experience) designer, SEO (search engine optimization) expert or customer service representative — everyone has to spend a day getting dirty and mowing lawns. We do this for a few reasons — if they're reluctant to do it or act like they're "better than that" then we know they are not a good fit for our team, and most important, they will never forget why we do what we do.

Brittney Morgan

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