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LG G Pad II 10.1: Is It Good for Business?

LG G Pad II 10.1, business tablets The G Pad II 10.1 packs a beefier battery than the competition.

If battery life is your top priority in a new work tablet, LG's G Pad II 10.1 is for you. The slate is the follow-up to the original LG G Pad, which launched in 2014 and is still the longest-lasting tablet we've ever tested. The G Pad II 10.1 promises to recreate the longevity of its predecessor, but with more powerful hardware, a slimmer frame and a few software perks for business users.

The G Pad II 10.1 actually packs a smaller battery than the original G Pad 10.1, with a capacity of 7,400-mAh compared with the 8,000-mAh in last year's model, which ran for an unmatched 13 hours and 55 minutes in our battery life test. But since the new G Pad runs on newer, more efficient hardware and software – it ships with a clean installation of Android 5.1 Lollipop – we don't expect the smaller battery to hurt its longevity. 

If you're still worried about the G Pad II 10.1's slightly smaller 7,400-mAh battery capacity, consider that the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet ships with a modest 4,000-mAh batter and still manages to squeeze 7 hours and 42 minutes of battery life out of a charge.

The tradeoff is that the G Pad II 10.1 isn't the slimmest or lightest 10-inch tablet around, measuring 0.3 inches thick and weighing a whopping 1.1 lbs., compared with 0.22 inches and 0.6 lbs. for the Galaxy Tab S2. But that's the price you'll have to pay for battery life like this. At least the G Pad II 10.1 is more portable than the original G Pad 10.1 (0.35 inches thick and 1.15 lbs.)

Other hardware highlights include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, which isn't a top-of-the-line configuration anymore but should provide very good performance for daily business tasks. The slate offers a meager 16GB of internal storage, but includes a microSD card slot to add extra storage.

A bonus for business users is that the G Pad II 10.1 comes with the Android version of Microsoft Office pre-loaded, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The mobile versions of the productivity apps aren't as feature-packed as the desktop versions, but they're close.

LG hasn't yet announced specific availability and pricing information for the G Pad II 10.1. Check back to Business News Daily for the latest updates, or check out our picks for the top business tablets currently on the market. 

Brett Nuckles

A former Ohio newspaper man, Brett Nuckles fled the Midwest in 2013. He now lives in Seattle, where he spends his days tinkering with smartphones, tablets and computers. He loves to think about the intersection of technology and productivity, and how to get the most out of new gadgets and apps. He's also a big fan of vegetarian food and digital painting. In his off hours he spends most of his time drawing and painting sci-fi/fantasy scenes on his PC with his trusty Wacom stylus in hand.