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Etsy Local Goes Mobile to Connect Buyers, Sellers Offline

Etsy Local Goes Mobile to Connect Buyers, Sellers Offline
Credit: Etsy

Etsy sellers now have an easier way to do business offline with local customers.

Today (Aug. 25) the company announced that its Etsy Local feature is now available on iOS and Android devices, making it easier for Etsy businesses to reach local customers. Launched back in 2013 and previously only available on the Etsy website, Etsy Local lets buyers find Etsy sellers that also sell offline at brick-and-mortar stores, events and other locations.

"Real-world connections between shoppers and creative entrepreneurs form the magic at the heart of the Etsy experience," wrote Johanna Beyenbach, product manager at Etsy, in the company's blog. And now Etsy is bringing these connections even closer: right next door, via your mobile device. [How to Succeed As an Etsy Seller]

Using the mobile version of Etsy Local, shoppers can find all the information they need to find Etsy small businesses right from the Etsy app, giving Etsy sellers a boost in visibility and, ideally, sales. Other than physical stores, the service is particularly useful for locating sellers at events, such as trunk shows, crafts and fairs.

"Shoppers can search by location and time frame to see where Etsy sellers have set up shop," Beyenbach explained. "In addition to basic information like the event’s date, time and venue, Etsy Local provides buyers with a list of sellers who’ve confirmed their attendance, as well as links to those sellers' Etsy shops."

Additionally, Etsy Local helps shoppers stay connected with sellers they love and discover new ones. For instance, after opening Etsy Local, the app automatically displays suggestions for nearby retailers and events on a mobile-optimized map. These personalized recommendations are based on factors like the customer's preferences and sellers they have purchased from, browsed or favorited.

The service also works for sellers that don't have their own brick-and-mortar stores, but are included in other stores' inventories, such as boutiques and retailers that carry their products.

To participate in Etsy Local, all sellers have to do is add their store locations and details for crafts, fairs, flea markets and other events in which they will be participating. The app automatically populates the data into the seller map and event listings. Etsy Local is also available to Etsy Wholesale sellers.

Sara Angeles

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