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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Top Business Features

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+, business smartphones

The new Galaxy S6 Edge+ takes Samsung's most stylish work phone and supersizes it. The result is a device that's as sleek as it is multitasking-friendly.

The S6 Edge+ is virtually identical to the smaller, standard S6 Edge, with a few key differences. It's a lot larger, for starters, sporting a humongous 5.7-inch display, compared with the standard S6 Edge's relatively compact 5.1-inch screen. The Edge+ also offers extra software features that make its curved edges more useful.

Here's a quick rundown of the features that look to make the S6 Edge a great — if pricey — work phone.

Curved screen

What separates the Edge+ from similar phablets such as the Galaxy Note 5 are its curved edges. They're visually striking, giving the device a slick, futuristic look. But the signature feature of the Edge+ isn't just for looks — it also opens up handy shortcuts to make the device easier to use.

By swiping up and down on the curved edge, you can access a variety of menus. The People Edge tab, for instance, gives you quick access to your primary contacts, making calls and emails easier. You can also add shortcuts for your most-used apps, which is useful for multitasking. If you're browsing your social media feeds and decide to send an email, you can immediately jump to your email app from the phone's edge, without exiting back out to your home screen.

Large display

Is a big screen better for productivity? I'd say so. The S6 Edge+ has a huge 5.7-inch display that’s great for screen-intensive tasks like viewing large documents and editing spreadsheets when you're away from the office.

Of course, a big screen means a big smartphone, and that's not ideal for all users. Phablets can be hard to handle, especially for people with small hands. Whether or not that's a fair tradeoff depends on your needs.


That's not the only great multitasking feature you'll find on the S6 Edge+. It also comes with Samsung's multi-window mode, which lets you run two apps side-by-side in a split-screen view. I like this feature for certain tasks such as using the calculator or referencing a Web page while composing an email, as a few examples.

While it's true that all Galaxy smartphones — including the standard S6 Edge — have this feature, it's most useful by far on big-screen phablets like the S6 Edge+. That's because smaller devices don't really provide enough virtual real estate to easily use two apps at once. 

Using multi-window mode is easy. You can quickly drag in apps for a quick split-screen view, then change how much space each app takes up by dragging the border between them. And you can view the apps positioned side-by-side, or stacked vertically.

Fingerprint scanner

A fingerprint scanner is a great feature to have in a business phone, since it lets you keep your device locked down without fussing with a password screen. And the scanner that comes with the S6 Edge+ is one of the best on the market. It's able to recognize your prints when you rest your finger on it, with no swiping necessary.

In addition to unlocking your phone, the fingerprint scanner on the Edge+ also lets you lock down specific folders to help you keep private work files private. Plus, you can assign website passwords to your fingerprint, letting you log in to frequently accessed sites quickly and easily.

Quick charging

 The best hardware in the world won't do you much good if your smartphone is out of juice. That's why we love the quick-charging capabilities that Samsung is packing into its newest smartphones, including the S6 Edge+. Basically, quick charging lets you get about a 30 percent charge in just 15 minutes. That could be a lifesaver if you have only a few minutes to recharge during a short business flight layover.

We'll have to wait to get our hands on the S6 Edge+ to see how long its 3,000-mAh battery lasts on our battery life test, though.

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