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New Facebook Tool Lets Businesses Chat with Customers

New Facebook Tool Lets Businesses Chat with Customers
Credit: Facebook

If your business is on Facebook, there's now a simple way to engage with customers via Messenger.

Facebook launched Pages for Messaging to make it easier for businesses to connect with customers from business pages and throughout the Facebook platform. Now, page administrators can write to customers, respond to messages and manage their communication over the social network.

Here are four ways to use the new Pages for Messaging to help your small business. [Facebook for Business: Everything You Need to Know]

Send Message button

Let customers easily reach you from their newsfeeds. Businesses that use Facebook Ads can now add a Send Message button to their ads, which takes customers directly to the Messenger app. From there, they can write to a business, and the business can quickly respond as they would if they were messaging friends using the regular Messenger app.

Additionally, Pages for Messaging will indicate which ad unit customers clicked on to write a message, which provides some insight into how each ad unit is performing.

Reply and follow up privately

When customers engage with a business's page, everything is public. Whether it's a question, comment, praise or complaint, Pages for Messaging lets page administrators connect with customers who post on their page and address issues privately in an efficient and convenient way. Messenger will also indicate on the public comment thread that the business replied to the customer privately, to indicate a business's level of engagement and customer support.

Boost customer support

This new tool will also let businesses show how dedicated they are to their customers. Businesses that strongly engage with their customers will have a "Very responsive to messages" badge on their page. This badge is awarded when a business has a 90 percent response rate and a 5-minute response time.

Manage messages

Pages for Messaging also aims to make it easy to organize conversations to quickly interact with customers. Like email clients, this new Messenger tool offers features like flagging messages; marking them as read or unread; archive; delete; and spam. Businesses can also save and edit responses before sending them.

Pages for Messaging is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as via the Facebook website.

Sara Angeles

Sara is a Los Angeles-based tech writer for Business.com, Business News Daily and Tom's IT Pro. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, she has worked as a freelance writer and copywriter for tech publications, lifestyle brands and nonprofit organizations in the Southern California area and throughout the U.S. Sara joined the Purch team in 2013.