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6 Companies Taking the Work Out of Business Travel

6 Companies Taking the Work Out of Business Travel
Credit: View Apart/Shutterstock

The height of vacation season is here, which means crowded airports, delayed flights and long wait times for most forms of mass transportation. But not all travelers' destinations are sunny resorts or theme parks this summer — instead, some people are heading to conferences and client meetings, and it can be a real challenge to get work done amid the chaos of traveling.

It may be tough to stay productive and organized during a business trip, but it's far from impossible if you have the right tools and gear. Here are six companies whose products and services can help take some of the stress out of work travel.

Most people think of Airbnb as a resource for securing cheap lodging or renting out their home to vacationers, but this well-known sharing economy player also caters to business travelers. Last year on its blog, the company announced Business Travel on Airbnb, a set of tools for planning business trips and managing expenses through Airbnb's partnerships with companies like Evernote, Eventbrite and Lyft. Airbnb also integrated Concur's TripLink service, which automatically populates an employee's expense reports and itineraries in Concur. Best of all, Airbnb offers a coupon code to any company enrolled in its business travel program. [Best Apps for Business Travel]

Subpar Wi-Fi service — or none at all — is an obstacle many workers face when traveling for business. Without a reliable Internet connection, it's tough to keep the flow of documents, emails and other important information going, and even if you have a mobile hotspot, you're likely to incur expensive data usage fees. With Fasetto's cloud storage platform, you can share files among Android devices without having an Internet connection or data plan — even midflight. Once both parties have downloaded the free app, the recipient simply scans a QR code on the sender's device, and he or she can instantly receive any file type, including images, videos, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Other features include direct messaging and automatic backup. According to its website, Fasetto plans to give iOS users offline sharing capabilities beginning this summer.

Are you leaving your car in the airport parking lot while you're away on business? FlightCar lets you rent it out to fellow travelers so you can make money on your unused vehicle. This members-only service insures every rental up to $1 million and prescreens all renters, so you know your car is in good hands. Members also receive free airport parking and low rental rates on cars from a FlightCar airport. The company currently operates at 14 airports in nine states and plans to continue expanding its service. Learn more about FlightCar in this Business News Daily article.

Your mobile device is your lifeline back to the office when you're traveling for work. Running out of power while you're emailing your boss from a conference is not an ideal situation, and you can't afford to be tethered to a wall outlet while your device charges. That's why a portable charger is one of the most important items you can pack for your business trip. There are countless companies that offer portable chargers, but mophie sells "juice packs" for select smartphone models and power stations for nearly every smartphone, tablet and USB device on the market.

Most travelers don't think about the possibility of a medical emergency occurring during their trip. While you hope you don't get injured or sick, it does happen, and if you're in an unfamiliar place, you may not know where to turn for help. On Call International offers travel assistance for businesses, so no matter where in the world employees are headed, they're covered for any illness, injury or personal safety concern, 24/7, 365 days a year. The company allows business clients to tailor its program to their specific needs, so you pay only for the services you need.

Business travelers on a budget often try to save the cost and hassle of checked luggage by only taking a carry-on bag when they fly. The problem is, the TSA and airline requirements for carry-on luggage have gotten stricter in recent years. The Shrine has set out to solve this problem by offering uniquely designed, TSA-compliant luggage bags with various pockets and panels to help you organize essentials like charging cables, mobile devices, toiletries and accessories. The company currently offers three styles of bags, starting at $150.

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