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Extending Summer Hours? Change It on Google for Business

Extending Summer Hours? Change It on Google for Business
Credit: Pitamaha/Shutterstock

Is your business changing its hours during the summertime? Don't forget to update those hours online.

To help businesses tell everyone about their new hours, Google launched today (June 26) the summer page of its Get Your Business Online (GYOB) program as a one-stop shop to easily manage business listings and how they appear on Google Search and Google Maps.

Google's new research into how businesses change their summer hours reveals that failing to update this information online makes a huge difference in keeping customers happy and maximizing foot traffic during the busy summer season. [Google for Business: A Small Business Guide]

However, the research also reveals that although 25 percent of businesses change their business hours during the summer — mostly by staying open longer — only 1 percent have updated their hours on Google My Business.

Because the operating hours listing is the first information customers look at when viewing businesses online, this has a huge impact on the customer experience, Google's research revealed. The difference is so significant that 44 percent of customers have reported that not knowing about changes to hours has "ruined" an outing.

Whether a business is extending its hours or cutting back, gybo.com/summer lets businesses easily update their information for free. All you have to do is log in and update your operating hours; the change will automatically appear on Google Search and Google Maps when customers search for your business.

In addition to helping you change business hours listings, the service also lets you manage other parts of your Google business listing. You can:

  • Add your contact information
  • Upload photos of your business
  • Let customers view and add reviews of your business

The service also lets businesses build a free website and offers a collection of resources to help small businesses grow, such as videos, management tools and a small business community.

Learn more about Get Your Business Online, visit gybo.com/summer.

Sara Angeles

Sara is a Los Angeles-based tech writer for Business.com, Business News Daily and Tom's IT Pro. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, she has worked as a freelance writer and copywriter for tech publications, lifestyle brands and nonprofit organizations in the Southern California area and throughout the U.S. Sara joined the Purch team in 2013.