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How Safe Do Your Employees Feel?

How Safe Do Your Employees Feel?
Credit: Aysezgicmeli/Shutterstock

Despite feeling safe in the workplace, many employees think more can be done to keep them protected, especially from physical or digital attacks, new research finds.

While 94 percent of employees feel their office is a secure place to work, many are still worried about threats from other individuals and cyberdangers, according to a study from CareerBuilder.

The research revealed that 30 percent of employees don't feel their workplace is safe from a physical threat from another person or from a hacking incident. Employees are less concerned about the dangers they would face from a natural disaster. More than 80 percent of workers believe their office is well protected from fires, floods and other weather-related issues.

Employees might feel uneasy about security matters because they don't know what to do if a threat were to occur. Nearly one-quarter of workers don't know what to do to protect themselves in the event of a physical danger in their office.

The study discovered that 40 percent of workers don't know if their employer has an emergency plan in place to deal with a physical attack from another person or a technology security breach, while 20 percent don't know if their company has a strategy to deal with fires, floods or other disasters. [Prepare Yourself: 4 Steps for Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan ]

Ensuring a safe work environment is critically important in every workplace, said Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder.

"Keeping employees protected means not only putting measures in place to keep them safe, but making sure employees are aware of the policies and procedures [so] they can protect themselves, too," Haefner said in a statement.

The study was based on surveys of more than 3,000 full-time, U.S. workers across a variety of industries and company sizes.

Chad Brooks

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