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MSI PE60 Prestige Laptop: Pros and Cons for Business

MSI PE60 Prestige Laptop: Pros and Cons for Business

PC maker MSI might be best known for its gaming computers, but its PE60 Prestige notebook was designed to feel more at home in your office than in your game room. The 15.6-inch notebook offers fast performance, a sleek but understated design, a comfortable keyboard with a full 10-key number pad, and the ability to support up to two 4K monitors for serious productivity. On the other hand, its short battery life and cheap-feeling construction are likely to give some business users pause.

Here's a quick rundown of the MSI PE60's merits and shortcomings as a workstation.




  • Multidisplay support: Setting up multiple monitors on your work desk can really help you multitask, especially when they're ultra-high-res 4K displays. The Prestige has the graphical muscle to connect to two at once, using its HDMI and mini DisplayPort connectors.
  • Comfortable keyboard: You also get an above-average keyboard that features large, well-spaced keys with a good amount of travel, which makes for comfortable typing sessions. Plus, the 10-key number pad is a good perk if crunching numbers is part of your job.
  • Fast performance: Powered by a blazing-fast 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-4220Q processor with 12GB of RAM, the Prestige is a multitasking powerhouse. Plus, its dedicated Nvidia GeForce 950M graphics card gives it enough muscle for photography and graphic-design tasks.




  • Poor battery life: You won't want to take the Prestige anywhere without its charger in tow. The notebook lasted a scant 3 hours and 23 minutes on our battery life test, which is about half as long as the mainstream notebook average of 6 hours and 7 minutes.
  • Cheap design: The Prestige's sleek, silver paint job looks nice, but a shiny coat can't hide the fact that this notebook feels a bit cheap. Both the aluminum lid and the deck flex a bit when under pressure. 
  • Weak webcam: A good webcam is handy for videoconferencing sessions. Unfortunately, the PE60 Prestige's 720p front-facing shooter failed to impress, delivering fuzzy images.
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