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New Google Shopping Aims to Boost Small Business Sales

New Google Shopping Aims to Boost Small Business Sales
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Online retailers have a ton of competition. And if you're a small business, the struggle is even tougher. Google's latest product aims to help you come out on top.

Today (April 28), Google announced Google for Retail, a central hub where retailers can access Google's products and services to help their businesses grow online. Built for e-commerce and multi-channel businesses, Google for Retail lets retailers reach more customers using  Google Shopping, Google told Business News Daily.

The idea behind Google for Retail and Google Shopping is to attract more customers by showcasing products online where customers can easily find them. Google says that customers access retailers' online stores at least once a day for one-third of small businesses, making their online presence and increased visibility critical to stay competitive. [Google for Business: A Small Business Guide]

However, Google says having an online store or a website that displays products isn't enough. In addition, businesses should reach out to the right customers who are specifically looking for what a retailer has to offer.

To accomplish this, Google Shopping helps small businesses launch relevant product ads to get right in front of customers who are doing Google searches for those exact keywords. Essentially, Google Shopping becomes retailers' online storefront on search pages.

Using this method, products will show up on Google Shopping boxes on top of or beside search results. This way, customers can easily find what they are looking for and quickly make a purchase via Google Shopping. Although this feature was previously available, Google Shopping now makes it accessible and easily manageable for small businesses, too.

Google Shopping also makes it easy to launch these product ads. Just log in to your business Google account and visit the Shopping Campaigns page to create and make ads live. This page also includes other helpful resources, such as tutorial videos, management tools and more.

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