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GotFreeFax Review

Best Pay-Per-Use Online Fax

A Business News Daily Review

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With traditional faxing, you paid a monthly bill from the telephone service to send and receive documents over a landline. Though this is how it worked for decades, online faxing services can help small businesses that send faxes infrequently save money. Many online services offer an a la carte option where users pay just for the faxing service they use. Why buy a dedicated fax machine and maintain a separate telephone landline when you can just as easily setup and use a pay-per-use online fax account?

After conducting extensive research and analysis, GotFreeFax is our 2019 pick for the best pay-per-use online fax solution for small businesses. To learn more about our process and to see a comprehensive list of online faxing providers, see our best picks page.

GotFreeFax is a send-only service. If you also need to receive faxes, there are many other providers, including some free ones.

GotFreeFax is the best pay-per-use online faxing service because it's easy to use and only charges you for the faxes you send – there are no monthly fees. Pay-per-use services, like this one, make sense for small businesses that send just a few faxes each month. But if you send a lot of faxes each month, this type of service may end up costing more than one with a monthly subscription.

The service allows you to send PDFs and JPGs, with up to 10 files per fax (up to 30MB). You can add your own cover page or use the service's standard cover page.

Even though GotFreeFax's website is barebones, the company offers a number of features for free, or as part of its paid services, that its competitors charge extra for. Here are some of the features it includes.

  • Simple interface. GotFreeFax's website has an immediately understandable layout and clearly outlines instructions for each step of the process. As a result, uploading and sending files is quick and simple.
  • Easy formatting. If you're sending a cover letter with your fax, you can copy and paste your text directly into the company's form. If you want to control how it looks, GotFreeFax's rich text editing field allows you to adjust the font and format of your message. Not every free outgoing fax service has this feature.
  • Secure messaging. With servers secured by Gateway AntiVirus software and manned by certified engineers, GotFreeFax provides reliable security measures for the faxes it sends out. Faxes are transferred over an encrypted connection to secure fax data as its sent.

While the company offers a free version of its services, GotFreeFax's pay-per-use model is flexible. For starters, you can send up to 30 pages in a single document. Here's what it costs to send each fax.

  • To send a fax with up to 10 pages, it costs 98 cents.
  • To send a fax with up to 20 pages, it costs $1.98.
  • To send a fax with up to 30 pages, it costs $2.98.

If you send two faxes per month that are fewer than 10 pages each, your total cost would be only $1.96. That's far less than you'd pay for any monthly subscription on the market. Paid transmissions also get priority delivery and access to technical support.

GotFreeFax also offers a business prepaid fax service where you can buy non-expiring page credits. There is no monthly fee for this service; instead, you are billed for each page you send. Each page you fax costs one credit. Here's what it costs to buy page credits.

  • 100 page credits cost $9.95
  • 300 page credits cost $19.95
  • 1,000 page credits cost $49.95

Fax broadcasting is also provided in this service tier, meaning you can send your fax messages to up to 50 addresses at once.

Since this is a pay-per-use service, customer service is limited. There's no phone support for the free sending service, but users can send the company an email to get answers to their questions. In our testing, it took hours for us to get a response to our inquiry, so keep in mind that you'll likely need to wait a while to hear back from the company, which may be frustrating if you need any pressing questions answered. That being said, the service is so simple that it won't be very often that you'll need help.

Forgoing a monthly subscription plan means not getting as many of the nicer features offered by other vendors. There's no document storage, no mobile app, no software integration or any other conveniences.

The biggest drawback of using GotFreeFax's pay-per-use service is the inability to receive faxes. It's a one-sided solution that ultimately requires you to either sign up for a free incoming online fax service or for a paid service that allows you to both send and receive faxes.

Ready to choose an online fax service? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage:

Andrew Martins

Andrew Martins is an award-winning journalist with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Before joining business.com and Business News Daily, he wrote for a regional publication and served as the managing editor for six weekly papers that spanned four counties. Currently, he is responsible for reviewing tax software and online fax services. He is a New Jersey native and a first-generation Portuguese American, and he has a penchant for the nerdy.