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LinkedIn's Job Search App Now Available on Android

LinkedIn's Job Search App Now Available on Android
Credit: LinkedIn

Looking for a job? LinkedIn is a great place to start making new connections and finding new opportunities, and its new job search app can help. The company launched the LinkedIn Job Search app for Android, giving job seekers an easier way to find their next gig using the professional social network. 

The app was previously released for iOS, but the new Android version is built and optimized "specifically for the Android experience," the company wrote in a blog post. These features include left- and right-hand navigation, as well as action bars at the top of the screen throughout the app.

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The LinkedIn Job Search app for Android is designed to give users the necessary tools to become more effective job seekers. First, by bringing the job search to Android devices, users can easily search and quickly apply for jobs on the subway, in line at a coffee shop or wherever they are, to beat the competition.

Second, it is a dedicated job search app, meaning it's separate from the main LinkedIn app. Whereas the main LinkedIn app emphasizes networking with other professionals, the LinkedIn Job Search app offers a whole new set of features that focus solely on helping users land their next job. 

Just like the Web version of LinkedIn's job-seeker section, the LinkedIn Job Search app offers a wide range of capabilities using powerful search tools. These include location-based searches to help users find opportunities that are closest to their current location or in a specific geographic area. Users can also search for opportunities using keywords and job titles.

To make the job search even easier, the app also allows users to save searches and keep a history of viewed jobs. Additionally, the app can make job recommendations based on activity and information on LinkedIn profiles, as well as alert users, via push notifications, to new job opportunities that may interest them.

When users are ready to apply for a job, the app lets them easily do so by submitting their LinkedIn profile. The app then displays the application's status — for instance, by indicating whether the employer has viewed the application.

The LinkedIn Job Search app for Android is now available globally in the Google Play store.

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