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Quiz: Are You a Good Co-Worker? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Quiz: Are You a Good Co-Worker? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
Credit: blackboard1965/Shutterstock

Being a good employee is about a lot more than just showing up on time, being independent and getting your work done. To be a good employee, you have to work well with others, too.

So, what does it take to be a team player? Management psychologist Dr. Karissa Thacker said it's all about consistency and communication.

"Good employees and co-workers listen first, then speak," Thacker said. "Being a good co-worker comes down to frequently communicating with others, and the quality of your communication with others."

And being a good co-worker may be more important than you realize. [Toxic Co-Worker Test: How to Identify and Avoid Them ]

"There are a few jobs in which you can work independently and be successful," Thacker said. "However, in a modern organization, regardless of size, your success comes down to your ability to solve problems and get stuff done in partnership with others."

How can you tell if you're a good co-worker? Take Dr. Thacker's quiz to find out. Simply answer "true" or "false" to each statement, and add up your score at the end.

1. __________ My colleagues have sought me out for advice or counsel within the last three months.

2. __________ I have received unsolicited positive feedback from my boss and/or my co-workers within the last three months.

3. __________ I have proactively responded to negative feedback from co-workers by changing behaviors within the last three months.

4. __________ I can cite three examples in which I have proactively sought the perspectives of colleagues who I knew would see an issue from a different viewpoint.

5. __________ I take the time to say "good job" to my coworkers when I am impressed.

6. __________ I show up on time for meetings and conference calls.

7. __________ I respond to emails within 24 hours.

8. __________ I am actively working to keep my knowledge current in my primary area of expertise.

9. __________ I am aware of the three most important objectives for my group and focus on those three daily.

10. __________ I have proactively asked my boss for feedback in a casual situation.

Scoring: Each "true" response is worth 10 points, out of a possible 100 total. By that measure, a 90 is an A, an 80 is a B, a score of 70 is a C, and so on. 

Brittney Morgan

Brittney Q. Morgan is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor, as well as a graduate of Drew University, where she majored in History. Her work can be found all across the web at Apartment Therapy, HuffPost, and more. You can also find her on Twitter at @brittneyplz.