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10 Things Small Businesses Spend Too Much On

Van Jepson is the CEO of GroupPrice, a daily deal site that offers small business services and products with big discounts. Group price is the first if its kind to focus on the small business owner rather than the consumer. He told BusinessNewsDaily

10 things small business owners are spending too much on and how small businesses can save money.

  • Finding new customers: Use SEO, SEM and social media rather than print, radio or Video
  • Phones systems: Replace land based systems with Internet calling plans
  • Consumables: Use coupons to buy paper, print cartridges, office supplies and beverages
  • Mailing: Use email not standard mail
  • Accounting & Payroll: Use Internet-based solutions
  • Energy Consumption: Put all computers, printers, and faxes on power strips and turn off at end of day
  • Insurance Coverage: Revisit workers comp, vehicle, health, liability and E&O annually
  • Workforce: Use social media to find interns, or temp workers with the expertise quickly
  • Office space: Find shared space solutions in your area or sublet yours
  • Dues & Publications: Review quarterly and move to online versions