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15 Inspiring Must-Follow Home Office Pinterest Boards

home office decor
Credit: Naphat Rojanarangsiman/Shutterstock

Redecorating your workspace or designing a new home office? Pinterest boards are great places to gather some design inspiration to help you get started. These pinners have curated everything from beautiful interior photos and fun office supplies to clever storage hacks and gorgeous art and décor items, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed searching for ideas. And if you're still feeling inspired when you're done, check out these users' other boards for fun Pinterest ideas outside the office, too.

Credit: The Makerista/Pinterest

This board by The Makerista features everything from luxurious, jewel-toned home office furniture to clever DIY tricks (like hiding your Wi-Fi router behind hollowed-out books). Follow it here.

Credit: Victoria Smith/Pinterest

Do you love clean, modern lines with a hint of rustic décor? "Working Girl" by Victoria Smith (sfgirlbybay) is sure to inspire you. Go here for more. 

Credit: I Spy DIY/Pinterest

For an office full of bright colors and fun art, get your inspiration from this board by I Spy DIY. From bright-yellow lamps to perfect pastel chairs, "I SPY Workspace" has it all. Follow it here.

Credit: Dazy Graves/Pinterest

Want a workspace inspired by all things artistic? "Art Studio + Office" by Dazy Graves is full of edgier décor items and unique organizational solutions perfect for creatives. Follow it here.

Credit: Moorea Seal/Pinterest

If unique office supplies are what you seek, "Workspaces" by Moorea Seal has you covered, with everything from cool calendars to creative calculators to keep on your desk. Go here for more.

Credit: Home & Garden Design Ideas/Pinterest

Whether you're inspired by sleek glass desks and white walls or cozy work nooks under the stairs, this board has a little bit of everything to inspire you. Follow it here. [See Related Story: 6 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance When You Work at Home ]

Credit: Honey We're Home/Pinterest

This board by Honey We're Home is full of fun florals and pretty pastels, perfect for a bright and airy home office space. To see the rest of the board, go here.

Credit: TxTerri Tips

If your workspace is full of books, this board by TxTerri Tips is just what you need. It's full of pins with classic and modern designs, as well as beautiful and practical storage ideas. Follow it here

Credit: One Kindesign/Pinterest

This board by One Kindesign is full of cozy home office photos that are sure to inspire your own workspace. See more pins here.

Credit: Helena Alkhas/Pinterest

Want a home office that's as chic as it is motivating? This board by Helena Alkhas features tons of trendy ideas and desk accessories. Go here to follow.

Credit: Cinda Justice/Pinterest

For a home office that feels a little extra-luxurious, this board by Cinda Justice is full of beautiful ideas. Pins with glamorous furniture and chandeliers are sure to inspire you. Follow it here.

Credit: Blanca Feldman/Pinterest

If you're looking to turn your home office into a bright, colorful and creative space, you'll find all the pins you need on this board by Blanca Feldman. See more pins here.

Credit: The Pink and Blue Blog/Pinterest

This board by The Pink and Blue Blog has a little bit of everything. From rustic furniture to vacation-inspired spaces, you're sure to find whatever you're looking for. Follow here for more.

Credit: Zellain Dystopia/Pinterest

For a home office with a sleek, black-and-white design, you'll find plenty of inspiration on this board by Zellain Dystopia. While some pins feature bright colors and florals, there are tons of modern spaces to inspire you as well. Follow it here.

Credit: Megan Gilger/Pinterest

Seeking a sleek (but still cozy) home office design? This board by Megan Gilger features pins with décor ranging from modern desks to faux fur rugs. See more here.

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