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Beyond LinkedIn: 7 Places to Find Your Next Employee

Beyond LinkedIn: 7 Places to Find Your Next Employee
Credit: ra2studio/Shutterstock

If you're gearing up to hire in the new year, you're probably trying to figure out where and how to post your job listing and find the best available talent. Sites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster remain among the top choices for employers, and it's true that many candidates search for jobs on these networks. But they're far from the only options you have when it comes to finding potential employees. Here are seven alternative resources to help you turn up the perfect hire.

Beyond.com is a career network with more than 44.5 million registered job candidates broken down by industry, location and specialty. As an employer, Beyond offers you access to both active and passive candidates that fit your open positions through promotional postings, search criteria and direct email marketing campaigns.

If your company is located in or near a college town and you're hiring for an internship or entry-level position, you might want to consider posting your job listing on a university career department website. College career advisers have a vested interest in helping their students find work after graduation, and you'll have access to the résumés of hundreds of local graduates eager for a job. This is an especially effective tactic if you're in a big city near some of the country's top universities.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, the CareerOneStop Business Center is a great resource for employers looking to hire. CareerOneStop uses its partnership with the American Job Center network to help you find qualified candidates in your area, and offers general tips for recruiting, training and retaining your best workers. [Smart Hiring: 8 Web Tools for Recruiting]

You might already use Facebook ads to promote your business to potential customers, but have you ever thought of using it to advertise your job openings? FitSmallBusiness recommends running a targeting campaign to reach candidates based on education level, where they went to school, current workplace, interests and pages they have liked.

Despite the improving job market, a high percentage of millennials are currently unemployed or underemployed, and have difficulty finding full-time work in their field after graduation. Grads of Life is a campaign that aims to close the growing skills gap in America and secure jobs for "opportunity youth" candidates who may be passed over in the traditional hiring process. Through its partner nonprofit, government and education organizations, Grads of Life helps connect employers to an untapped pool of young job seekers through nontraditional employment pathways, such as mentoring, internships and school-to-work.

This algorithm-based job-matching service provides candidates and employers alike with only the best, most relevant results. With more than 6 million active job seekers signed up on TheLadders, you'll be able to search through full profiles, which include current salary and contact information, for free. Additional services include FitFinder, which connects you with a talent specialist to find highly qualified candidates in 48 hours, and a recruiter suite full of extra hiring tools.

Employers have begun to realize that social networks are among the best recruitment tools they can use in today's job market. Twitter is no exception, and is quickly becoming a channel of choice for recruiters seeking top talent. A SmartRecruiters blog post noted that using relevant hashtags and keywords can increase your chances of being found by the candidates you want. The article also suggested engaging with passive candidates whose profiles you've researched based on industry and interest.

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