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Microsoft's 'Sway' Presentation Tool Now Available to All

Microsoft's 'Sway' Presentation Tool Now Available to All
Credit: Microsoft

Need to create presentations fast? There are always apps like Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote and Google Slides. But if you need to create and share presentations in a hurry, try Sway.

Microsoft introduced Sway back in October, describing it as a new, intuitive way to make and share presentations. Sway lets you curate content from the Web — such as online photo galleries Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube videos — then automatically turn it into attractive presentations you can share with a simple link.

Though Sway Preview was previously in invitation-only and waitlist mode, Microsoft announced this week that the tool is now available to all users and has been updated with new features and improvements. [Beyond PowerPoint: 11 Business Presentation Tools]

Undo and redo

Because Sway is still in Preview mode, Microsoft asks users to submit their suggestions via the Sway forum. Based on feedback from the past 10 weeks, the company said the most widely requested feature was the ability to undo and redo changes. As a result, new undo and redo buttons are now available, easily accessible next to the Remix! button.

Editing text on canvas

Sway also cut back some extra steps that were required in editing text, a change that makes it easier to finish your presentations. Before the update, users could edit elements of a presentation while viewing their Sway, such as arrange images and edit headlines and captions. Now, it's also possible to edit paragraphs in view mode directly on the presentation's canvas — just click or tap on the text and choose the Edit option to quickly make any changes.

Reorder sections

Business users will also love the new feature that lets you easily organize sections by simply dragging and dropping them. Just grab the section where it is labeled "Section" or right at its section borders, then move it wherever you want. When you move a section, it collapses, which Microsoft says makes it easier to move around. The function works over the Web using your mouse or on mobile using touch.

PDF support

In addition to multimedia, Sway now offers support for PDF files. Just click on the Import button from your "My Sways" page and Sway will automatically create a new presentation based on your selected PDF. If you'd like to add content to an existing Sway, use the Upload function to add the PDF.

Sway for iPhone

The Sway for iPhone app is being rolled out to different markets, which started with New Zealand in October and now Australia. Microsoft said Sway for iPhone will be available in the United States soon. The Sway for iPhone app includes offline functionality, background images for titles and section headers, and an updated design to support the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Sara Angeles

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