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'Tis the Season for Mobile Apps: 5 Facebook Advertising Tips

'Tis the Season for Mobile Apps: 5 Facebook Advertising Tips
Credit: My Life Graphic/Shutterstock

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and that means it's time to improve your advertising strategies, especially if you're in the mobile app business.

That's why Facebook has announced a few new updates to its mobile-app advertising options. First, the company has extended its device targeting to include Amazon Fire tablets. Previously, that targeting reached only Apple, Samsung and HTC devices.

Facebook has also made video mobile-app ads play automatically in the news feed. Advertisers will also be able to purchase mobile app ads with video creative through Facebook's "Power Editor" feature.

In addition to these updates, the company is giving advertisers more options for controlling reach and frequency. This means that advertisers can set their campaigns to reach a specific number of people, as well as to cap how many impressions they get per person, per week. [3 Secrets of Successful Facebook Ads ]

Want to make sure your mobile-app campaign succeeds this holiday season? Facebook shared a few network-specific tips on its business blog.

1. Target new device owners. Smartphones and mobile devices make great holiday gifts, so it's no surprise that sales are up this time of year. Last holiday season, smartphone sales grew 25 percent over the previous quarter, according to Facebook.

"New devices mean new opportunities for app installs," Facebook wrote. "Advertisers can reach new device owners by targeting people that have recently used Facebook on a new device."

Facebook noted that users can find this specific targeting option under the Behaviors section during ad creation.

2. Reach the newest devices.Since the holiday season is also the season of new devices, it's important to make sure your app is compatible and optimized for key devices.

"If your app is optimized for certain devices, you can target people using newer device models such as the iPhone 6, Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Amazon Fire," Facebook wrote.

3. Optimize campaigns the right way. Get the most out of your campaign by making sure you use the right advertising methods for your business objectives.

For app launches and major updates — things that require broad awareness — Facebook suggested businesses use reach and frequency-buying for their ads. And to get the most efficient delivery for mobile app install ads, advertisers should choose the Optimize for Installs option, Facebook wrote.

4. Know your top users (and find similar people). To increase app installs, it's important to reach the right kinds of users. Facebook suggested creating a custom audience using the top 25 percent of users. Once you've done that, you can build a look-alike audience (based on your custom audience) to find people with similar characteristics, Facebook wrote.

5. Try out different ad creatives. Don't just stick to your usual strategies. Facebook noted that the holidays are the perfect time to test out new creatives.

"Test five to 10 new concepts to improve overall campaign delivery and achieve campaign goals," Facebook wrote.

You can read more about Facebook's mobile app advertising updates on the company's blog.

Brittney Morgan

Brittney Q. Morgan is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor, as well as a graduate of Drew University, where she majored in History. Her work can be found all across the web at Apartment Therapy, HuffPost, and more. You can also find her on Twitter at @brittneyplz.